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Quail eggs, treatment of all kinds of diseases

Eggs quail, like his meat, represent an undeniable dietary value. This knowledge has come to us from the depths of centuries. Particularly valuable product like to eat children. They examine its shape, the color of the shell and taste the testicle. Using it as food, the guys become healthy and more enduring.

Even if some chicken eggs are contraindicated, quail will not cause side effects (they can even be eaten by allergy sufferers). And his meat is the decoration of any festive dinner. It has a juicy and refined taste, adds extra vigor and health. Small (up to 12 g), thin, with a delicate shell and various shades - these are the main properties of quail eggs. They are very tasty in cooked and baked form. Also, the product can be eaten raw. Culinary experts know many ways to prepare various dishes from quail eggs. They can be nice decorate salads, light snacks.

What they treat

How can you use quail eggs, which diseases can be treated with their help? Further on this will be discussed in detail. Firstly, it is worth noting that the product is saturated with vitamins and other useful elements. The concentration of trace elements such as potassium and phosphorus in quail eggs is 5 times higher than, for example, in chicken. Amino acids tyrosine, lysine, glycine and histidine determine the therapeutic properties of quail eggs. For metabolic processes, a healthy and natural skin is tyrosine. Therefore many cosmetic preparations are made on the basis of eggs of quail.

So, quail eggs are a unique nutritional source, with which you can treat many diseases. If you can eat quail eggs, treatment of your diseases will be more successful and effective. The list of diseases that "recede" or completely disappear after the use of this product is very extensive: prolonged headaches, stomach and bowel diseases, ulcers, anemia, bronchial asthma, eye diseases , etc. It is very useful to regularly eat such eggs during pregnancy. Athletes product helps to keep a good physical shape. Quail eggs are perfectly absorbed by the body, nourish it with protein.

What do research say?

Scientific studies have shown that if there is a lack of lysozyme in the diet, the likelihood of getting sick increases. Replenish the loss of this substance can be chicken eggs, especially in rural areas. More effectively, and most importantly, it is safer to eat quail eggs. In children's food, it will be prudent to include several eggs a day. Take an example from the Japanese!

Do you need to heal internal organs? Again, eat quail eggs. Treatment of their intestines, thyroid, thymus and pancreas restores internal health. If this product is used by children, they will have clear and productive thinking, increased endurance and mindfulness, nerves will strengthen. In addition, with such intractable diseases as cancer, heart disease, chronic cholecystitis, the use of quail eggs makes it possible to achieve better results in treatment.

In conclusion, a couple of words about the eggshell

The shell of this product is no less useful than its yolk. Birds begin to swim better if their food is mixed with the shell. Carrying in itself microelements of garden fertilizers of an egg shell improves a vegetative soil. This is not a complete list of useful properties of quail eggshells. Hungarian scientists for a number of years investigated the medical component of the shell. The observations made by them showed the effectiveness of such a product as quail eggs. Treatment with their shell restores metabolism, prevents the formation of scoliosis, brittle bones, rickets. This makes the product and its shells especially useful for children and for the elderly.

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