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Potato with stewed meat - recipe for lazy

Preparation of delicious dishes, as a rule, requires a lot of time, and the products often have to buy some special ones. That's why my home often have to be content with dumplings from the store, from which they are not always enthusiastic, especially as they are accustomed to my culinary masterpieces.

There are at me some tricks which I use, when it is necessary to prepare something necessarily delicious, but quickly and without the use of exotic ingredients. One of these tricks is potato with stew, the recipe of which I will now tell. It is not difficult to prepare this dish, it does not require a lot of time, but all domestic people are always delighted.

So it's like this: potatoes with stew. This recipe is extremely simple, but everything can be cooked very quickly. In addition, it turns out very tasty. I cook this simple dish in two ways.

Method one. My potato, we clean it, we cut it with plastics. We clean onions, cut into rings. We take a frying pan, lay on it plastic potatoes, stew, on top - onion rings, pour water, cover everything with a lid and stew until the potatoes begin to decay. Here is a potato with stew. Is the recipe complex? On the contrary, very simple and fast.

Yes, do not forget about salt and spices. I never add salt during cooking, we grease only at the table, if anyone wants. But spices are necessary, and not only laurushku. Pepper is better than lemon, it is good to add coriander greens, but it's an amateur, because the aroma of this herb is not to everyone's liking. In short, the greens will go any, but it is important not to overdo it with the amount! Here's how to put out the potatoes with stew.

Potatoes are generally one of the most versatile foods in our kitchens. From it you can cook a variety of dishes. For example, a simple potato with stewed meat - the recipe for this dish is far from alone. You can try and such.

My tubers, clean, put whole in a saucepan, pour water on both soup, cook. When it is almost cooked, we throw the stew into a pot of potatoes and a lot of onions cut in any way. Spices are used any. Also chopped herbs are added. That's all. Now you know how to cook potatoes with stew.

And here's another option. Finely chop the onions and chop the garlic, grate the carrots on a large grater or cut into thin circles, wash and chop the tomato. Now the stew (a small jar) needs to be put in a plate and remove the frozen fat, although you can not remove it - it's so delicious. But if the dish cools down, the fat freezes again, if the beef stew is, and with the pork such a nuisance will not happen. Now with a fork, you need to knead the meat as small as possible.

Peeled potatoes cut into cubes, straws or slices - whatever. Now you need to pour water, about half the volume of potatoes or slightly more. Boil, reduce heat and leave to stew, from time to time stirring, so that the potatoes do not stick to the walls. Meanwhile, in a frying pan, fry the onions in a small amount of vegetable oil, add the carrots, and then the tomato. Fry all vegetables, stirring occasionally. Now add the same tomato paste (spoon, not more), and when everything boils - put the cooked previously stew.

By that time, the potatoes should be in time, so put the mixture in it, mix it, add the boiling water to cover the whole contents - in order to get more sauce, and simmer on low heat for another five minutes. Now we throw in the bowl with braised potatoes greens, butter, remove the fire completely, close the lid and cover with a towel. All.

As you can see, there is no need to observe exact grammes, because what is a potato with stew? This recipe is extremely simple, and the most important secret is to love those for whom you cook. For myself, it's not interesting to cook.

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