Polizhinaks: instructions for use

The drug "Polizinaks" is available in the form of capsules of vaginal. The drug is a combined antibiotic. Active components: neomycin sulfate, nystatin, polymyxin sulfate B.

The mechanism of the effect of the drug on the body is determined by the substances contained in it. The drug "Polizinaks" has antifungal, bactericidal and antibacterial action. Polymyxin B and neomycin are active in relatively large numbers of Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms. Nystatin has a fungicidal effect on the fungus of the genus Candida, so the drug "Polizhinax" is often prescribed from thrush (candidiasis). In addition, this medicine improves trophic processes in the vaginal mucosa.

After the introduction into the vagina, a uniform distribution of the agent along the mucosa is noted. The drug is not absorbed when used topically.

The medicine "Polizhinaks." Instructions for use. Indications

The drug is prescribed for the treatment of infectious-inflammatory diseases associated with sensitive microorganisms. Such pathologies, in particular, should include cervicovaginitis, vulvovaginitis, mixed vaginitis, fungal and nonspecific.

The preparation "Polizhinaks" instruction for use recommends for preoperative prophylaxis of infectious complications with gynecological interventions. The medication is prescribed before the diathermocoagulation of the cervix and after it, before carrying out intrauterine diagnostic procedures, and before giving birth.

Means "Polizinaks". Instructions for use. Contraindications

The drug is not prescribed for individual intolerance, in the first trimester of pregnancy, during lactation.

Taking medication in the second and third trimester is allowed only on the recommendation of the doctor and under his constant supervision.

If it is necessary to carry out therapy during the feeding of the baby, lactation should be stopped.

Capsules "Polizhinaks". Instructions for use

The drug is intended for deep insertion into the vagina. The capsule is administered in the evening (before bedtime) in the supine position.

Therapeutic course is twelve days. For preventive purposes, the drug "Polizinaks" is used for six days.

In case of an occasional miss of one or more of the doses, the usual dose is recommended.

When using capsules "Polizhinaks" possible side reactions. In particular, irritation of the mucosa in the vagina, itching, burning can occur. In some cases, contact eczema of an allergic nature was noted. The continued use of the "Polizinax" means provokes the development of systemic side reactions of aminoglycosides.

When reinforcing or when there are negative manifestations not indicated in the annotation, you should immediately inform the doctor about it.

Interaction with other means

In connection with the probability of a decrease in activity, the preparation "Polizhinaks" is not recommended to be used simultaneously with spermicides.

special instructions

Before the start of therapy, it is necessary to carry out a bacterial analysis of the smear first to establish the sensitivity of pathogen microorganisms.

Duration of application should be strictly limited in time in order to prevent the development of resistance (resistance) of bacteria to the drug.

Do not interrupt therapy with the drug "Polizhinaks" with menstruation.

During the treatment you do not need to use condoms from latex.

Before using the drug, you should consult with a specialist and take the necessary tests.

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