How to transfer photos from your phone to your computer: several simple ways

Many owners of mobile phones equipped with photo and video cameras, sooner or later, the question arises: how to transfer photos from phone to computer. The reason is simple - there is not enough space on the internal or removable storage for storing them. As you know, the graphics take a fairly serious amount, so the issue of copying should be approached as responsibly as possible.

How to transfer photos from your phone to your computer: the simplest method

As you know, any modern (and not very) smartphone / phone model can connect to computer systems with different OSes using a conventional USB cable using the appropriate ports.

Thus, in the simplest case, the question of how to transfer photos from a phone to a computer is solved in this way. In this case, we are not even talking about the use of special programs for managing mobile devices.

In the same Windows-systems it is enough just to run the standard "Explorer" or any other file manager. The system recognizes a removable memory card of any format, if any, and the internal drive itself.

How can I transfer photos from my phone to my computer? Yes, just copy the necessary objects with the placement in any folder on the terminal (the standard procedure "Copy (Cut)" / "Paste").

But here you need to pay attention to the camera settings in the sense of how the settings are configured to save the footage. For example, on Android systems, these can be DCIM folders on the SD card, Photos, Camera, Pictures, etc. on the internal drive. In any case, you just have to find the photo in the file manager itself or view the camera settings.

Using the card reader

Absolutely elementary the question is solved, how to transfer pictures from the phone to the computer, if you remove the memory card (if you save the footage on it) and insert it into the card reader connector. Most laptops have such connectors, and for stationary computers, external devices can be used.

The scheme is the same. The system detects an external removable media, from which the files are subsequently copied or moved. But here it is worth considering that the card readers are designed for the SDHC format, so for ordinary SD-cards you will have to use a special adapter, which in most cases is bundled with the purchase.

How can I transfer pictures from my phone to my computer using a wireless connection?

A somewhat less reliable method seems to involve copying (migrating) files using a wireless connection.

In the case of Wi-Fi-networks will have to "rassharivat" the source and destination folder. If you use a Bluetooth connection, even if you have set the resolution of determining a computer or laptop by other devices, the transfer process can last long enough because the connection itself has a strong limitation on the transmission speed (photos, as we recall, have a very large volume). Nevertheless, it is impossible to exclude such an opportunity.

Transferring information using special utilities

Finally, if someone does not like the standard tools of the operating system, you can use the management programs that can be installed for any model of the smartphone and for any type of connection.

For the same series Sony XPERIA uses Sony PC Companion, for Samsung - Kies, etc. But you can install universal utilities such as MyPhoneExplorer, which are compatible with most modern smartphones.

What to prefer in use?

Talking about how to transfer photos from your phone to your computer, you need to consider the issue of preferences. Best of all, I think, use a normal USB connection or a card reader, if the photo is saved on a removable memory card. Transfer over Wi-Fi requires proper configuration, and the Bluetooth connection is limited by the speed limits.

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