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Peking cabbage in Korean: recipes and methods of cooking

The country of morning freshness, as poetically called Korea, is the motherland of not only the latest technical and computer developments, but also a wonderful, world-famous cuisine. Carrots, beets in Korean have long become regulars of our daily table. And today we will introduce you to the new, extremely useful and tasty dishes from the Peking cabbage.

Meet kimchi

What kind of cabbage is it in Korean? Recipes of the dish in different regions of the country differ in the composition of the ingredients, in the ways of processing the products. But the main thing is that the snack must be sharp, with lots of spices and seasonings. Pickles, in which Peking cabbage is sour in Korean, recipes are recommended to be prepared only from natural ingredients without GMOs and preservatives. Thanks to this, the sauerkraut and vegetables themselves contribute to the processes of digestion, resorption of fat and even remove the hangover syndrome. Moreover, Pekinese cabbage in Korean, the recipes of which you will find in this article - a good tool, according to Koreans, for the prevention of colds. Therefore, without kimchi, not a single Korean family, no feast. Well, shall we try the delicacy and we?

Preparing vegetables

So that you get the original Pekinese cabbage in Korean, the recipes give such recommendations for its leaven. You will need: the main vegetable - half a kilogram, ground hot red pepper - 5 grams, 15 grams of garlic, salt and sugar to taste.

Head cabbage, rinse, cut the stalk, remove the top leaves. Cut the head in half, then each part shred in strips of 2-2.5 cm. Fold the workpiece into a saucepan, pouring a mixture of salt and sugar (2 teaspoons each). Cabbage, put it on, so that it quickly releases juice, put oppression, cover a clean cloth and leave the vegetable to insist for half a day at room temperature.

Then take again a teaspoon of salt and sugar. Chop a little, and then pestle rub garlic in the mush, pour a large pinch of red ground pepper. Dilute all this with hot water to make a creamy sauce. Allow it to cool and season with cabbage.

In order to properly marinated Pekinese cabbage in Korean (kimchi), put it in a plastic bag and leave it in the cold (it can be in the fridge) for 5-6 hours. Pack the finished product in jars and eat for health! The snack is stored in the refrigerator for about a week. After a couple of days, the salad "Peking cabbage in Korean" acquires a very special, sharp and pleasant characteristic taste.

Spicy pickles

Salting Peking cabbage in Korean for the winter - it's not so difficult, especially if you have experience of harvesting the usual white-headed. Take the young heads with tender leaves. Cut out the cuticles, remove the upper leaves, wash the heads. You cut them into 6 pieces. Prepare the brine. For each liter of water, put 2 tablespoons of salt. Cabbage is poured into it, oppression is established from above, and for 4 days it is left in a warm room (for example, in the kitchen). After this, pour out the brine, use cabbage with a mixture of garlic and pepper and turmeric, and leave under the same weight for about a day. And only after the specified time, decompose the preservation of the cans, add a little cabbage juice and roll. Please note: if you plan to store the sunset for more than a month, pour in 2-3 spoons of vegetable oil and the same amount of vinegar.

Young cabbage with radish

For the proposed salad, you will also need Peking cabbage. And a young radish. Koreans love this combination. Take half a kilogram of each type of vegetables. Still need parsley - 200 grams, 30 grams of feathers of green onions and the same amount of salt, 10 grams of garlic and wheat flour, 20 grams of ground red hot pepper. Vegetables wash, cabbage chop strips not longer than 6 cm, and radish - thin blocks. Cut the stalks of parsley into 4 cm pieces. Cut the onions, cover the garlic.

Cut cabbage, parsley and radish into a saucepan and sprinkle with salt. Add pepper and garlic, mix. Let the preparation for a salad lie for about an hour. Now it's the brine. In the water (the amount you take so that the vegetables are covered), pour in the flour, stir and boil. Cool, season with salt, pour cabbage with radish and marinate for 2 days. After the specified time, you can treat the friends of kimchi with this recipe!

Cabbage "special"

And finally one more kind of snack. Take 2 small heads of Peking cabbage and chop it as usual. Remember well for sokootdeleniya. On a large grater, rub 350 g of carrots. Half a large onion and the middle head of garlic finely cut into cubes. Add salt to taste, a pinch of ginger and a little red pepper. Fold all the ingredients in the enameled basin and install the load from above. To let the salad marinate faster, pour in a few spoons of apple cider vinegar or rub 1 large green apple.

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