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Cones in the anus - a sign of hemorrhoids

A cone in the anus is most often a sign of hemorrhoids. What he really is? This increase and prolapse of venous nodes located in the rectum. Such nodes are in the body of any person, their main task is to keep the fecal masses, with defecation they are smoothed, providing a normal evacuation of the intestine. But stagnation of venous blood and constipation can disrupt the condition of the nodes, then they begin to slide downward together with the mucous membrane of the rectum, closer to the anus. All this contributes to the violation of the blood supply, a lump in the anus is formed, which gradually increases and can be pushed outward.

Hemorrhoids develop gradually, often a person does not even suspect what is happening in his body. The disease can be manifested due to the influence of factors such as constipation, an excruciating process of childbirth, lifting of gravity.

About this disease is not customary to say, people just feel embarrassed, but according to recent data, almost 70% of people sooner or later observe symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Who is affected by the disease?

- basically a lump in the anus appears in those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Especially it concerns those who spend a lot of time at the computer or the wheel;

- people suffering from regular stool disorder and constipation;

- those who suffer from alcohol dependence;

- those who are obese;

- athletes engaged in heavy sports: shot put, raising the bar;

- workers in hard work associated with heavy physical exertion;

- one who consumes a lot of salty, smoked, spicy and just does not care about the correctness of nutrition;

- a lump in the anus can occur as a result of regular anal sex.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids :

- Initially, bleeding may occur when bowel is emptied, blood may be present in stool. This is due to the fact that the movement of the stool is difficult, it becomes hard and presses on the venous walls, which do not withstand pressure and burst, while the discharge of blood is not necessarily present during defecation, possibly bleeding before it;

- sensation of a foreign body, which causes a lump in the anus;

- prolapsed nodes outward from the anus. This occurs as a result of strong and prolonged straining or prolonged sitting on the toilet;

- Itching and burning in the anus. These symptoms appear with the development of erosion at the nodes;

- emerging severe pain during defecation, sitting or walking. The cone in the anus and its pinching cause severe pain;

- soreness of the nodes. If when touching the nodes there are painful sensations and the formation of a dark-bard color, this is a sign of a thrombosis.

This disease is quite serious, so it is strongly advised not to engage in self-medication. If there was a lump on the anus and there were other characteristic signs of hemorrhoids, then it is necessary to seek the appointment of treatment to the proctologist.

Treatment can be medicated and operative. Surgically, the nodes are removed in case they are greatly enlarged, drop out, with regular bleeding, a person suffers very much, such nodes represent a very unpleasant picture and even walking becomes painful.

Medication is prescribed depending on the stage of the disease. It takes place in a complex way and includes laxatives to simplify defecation, a doctor can be assigned various means in the form of ointments or kopressov, and a special diet will be recommended. The main thing is not to run hemorrhoids and get medical help on time. Treatment is often successful.

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