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Northern cemetery. Three necropolises in three cities of Russia

All the cities of our country and the world differ from each other. Different buildings, businesses, people ... But there are places that occur in any small or large large village. This is a cemetery. It so happened that man is mortal, and he needs the last shelter. Excursions can not be taken here. At the cemetery come to talk with the departed loved ones, and informal youth sometimes visits abandoned graves, trying to penetrate the secrets of the other world.

In this article we will talk about several of the largest pogosts in Russia, which by a strange coincidence have the same name "Northern Cemetery".

On the pages of the "Guinness Book of Records"

The first of these is the Northern Cemetery of Rostov-on-Don. Despite the fact that it was founded not so long ago (in 1972), it is one of the biggest not only in Russia, but also in Europe, which is why it got into the "Book of Records". On the area of 350 hectares is more than 355 thousand burials. Relatives of the deceased can bury them traditionally, or use the help of a crematorium, honor the memory of relatives in the Holy Protection Church-chapel, located on the territory of the churchyard. Once a half-hour bus runs for those who came by public transport to the Northern Cemetery. Monuments, graves and tombstones of prestigious neighborhoods are under the lenses of video cameras and constant protection, because everyone knows that our country is "rich" by vandals. And immediately behind the fence there is another cemetery, though illegal. Here, loving masters bury their pets.

Northern cemetery of Perm

Another of the largest pogosts in Russia. And also opened not so long ago - in 1982. The scheme of the Northern Cemetery clearly shows that a huge area of 243 hectares is divided into quarters. They can also be grouped by type, depending on who they bury. There are Jewish, Gypsy, Muslim, military, children's quarters, the area of the dead at performance, honorary citizens. Separately, the areas for burial of unclaimed and unknown are also identified. Here, 28 of 88 people who were killed during the 2008 air crash were buried. Here, a year after it, on September 14, 2009, a memorial to the victims was opened. And soon after this there was another tragedy - a fire in the night club "Lame Horse". Many of those who did not come home that night are also buried here. Necropolis of the Northern capital

Another Northern Cemetery. His story is much longer than the two already mentioned. It began in 1875. However, then the cemetery was called Uspensky, as was the small wooden church. Located in one of the northern suburbs of St. Petersburg (the village of Pargolovo), it was originally intended for wealthy townspeople. However, the calculations of the city authorities were not justified. Basically, here found the last shelter is not wealthy people. A little later, the military lower ranks began to be buried here. And in 1900 was built the church of Alexander Nevsky, where you could hear from time to time the striking singing of the military choir. The revolution in Russia changed a lot, she did not spare the Northern Cemetery either. Both churches are destroyed, the crypts are plundered, the graves are ruined. The time of the Great Patriotic War was the time of mass burials in this necropolis. In the common graves the defenders of the besieged Leningrad are buried. Now the cemetery is in operation, in 2008 the stone church of the Assumption of the Virgin was erected in place of that first destroyed one. And among the many modern graves it is almost impossible to find ancient burials.

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