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The best bars of St. Petersburg: "Soul Kitchen"

The creators of "Soul Kitchen" decided to take a chance and open an institution of a new format. There were no similar restarts in the city - they are so-called home party-style, which are widespread in America and European countries. Now this format is available to all residents and guests of the northern capital of Russia.

The best bar in the city

"Soul Kitchen" is like an apartment, but very large, occupying just four floors. The bar is optimal for friendly meetings, cozy gatherings and spending time in a good company with great drinks.

The interior of the bar was created by eminent designers LECO, there is a caring hand of Maria Safronova, one of the most untwisted and fashion designers of the city in recent years. The room is decorated with references to Britain and is a mix of styles, which looks quite impressive in general.

The sea of opportunities at an affordable price

"Soul Kitchen" offers not only stylish rooms for spending time with taste, but also relatively inexpensive alcohol. The cost of drinks does not exceed the price lists of neighboring establishments. For example, vodka will cost only 150 rubles.

On the ground floor there is a dressing room for guests of the bar. Getting to the second floor, the visitor is in the club area, where the fun goes on as usual seven days a week. Connoisseurs of good dances can visit the third floor. Here is the dance floor, which is proud of "Soul Kitchen" (club). To relax from the noise and active fun, you can visit the fourth floor. It is quiet and cozy, there is a special room for smoking.

How to get there

Address Soul Kitchen: St. Petersburg (Russia), Lomonosov, 1. To pre-book a table, you need to call the administration at the number that is listed on the official site of the institution. The bar opens its doors at ten in the evening and is ready to entertain visitors until six in the morning inclusive. The nearest metro stations are Gostiny Dvor (green branch) and Nevsky Prospect (blue direction).

On average, for one person in the institution, the bill turns out to be 850 rubles, although without taking into account drinks. The "Soul Kitchen" restobar offers a mixed cuisine and pamperes connoisseurs of quality gastronomy with appetizers from the chef.

Especially for those who are tired of stamps

Needless to say, residents of St. Petersburg are already tired of stamped pathos parties, which are arranged every day in hundreds of institutions. Glamor, senseless music, falseness of silicone and false laughter densely entered our life. "Soul Kitchen" (St. Petersburg) destroys these stamps. This institution is a completely different format, and in the city there are none like it.

What is Soul Kitchen? It was here that the creators were able to fully restore the Petersburg apartment, widely known and became a fashion trend a couple of decades ago. The bar is open at the intersection of Lomonosov and the legendary Dumskaya, in the most convenient place of the city, in the entertainment quarter, where everyone can find something that suits his tastes and needs.

Multi-level apartment welcomes the doors to all comers. "Soul Kitchen" - the club (St. Petersburg), which was opened relatively recently, in early 2013, nevertheless now it is at the top of success, full of visitors, most of which are regular customers of the bar. And this is not surprising, because after hitting the home-party only once, it is impossible to deny yourself the desire to visit it again and again.

Quality in Detail

The conceptual solution of the zones is what attracts attention in the club first. Due to the successful partitioning of the territory, zoning with light and sound, thanks to the four floors a unique atmosphere is created.

The club area of the second floor is a variety of amusements for the relaxed public. There are leather volume sofas, visitors can use the bar with fast service. A rich map of drinks is one of the key advantages of the Soul Kitchen Club. There are exotic cocktails and traditional ones, they cook all "St. Petersburg" recipes. Connoisseurs of strong alcohol can please themselves with undiluted varietal whiskey or drinks based on rum and vodka. There are a variety of tinctures. For girls sweet cocktails are presented.

Quiet rest in the heart of St. Petersburg

The club area is suitable for spending time with friends. There are large screens where you can watch sports broadcasts, gathered by a company of bosom buddies. The draft beer, offered at the bar, will satisfy the most demanding consumer. Background music is maintained quiet, but sufficient that individual groups do not interfere with each other. These are quiet tracks, allowing you to relax on a Friday night after a hard week.

Especially for fans of the bar, author's cocktails are prepared. You will not try them anywhere else!

For those who are more cheerful

Guests who want to throw out energy and recharge themselves are chosen by the third floor of the Soul Kitchen Club. There is a modern dance floor, where the most fashionable and incendiary rhythms constantly sound. DJs twist the actual music and their own mixes. Rest, which offers the third floor of the bar, is really "tearing away to the full".

"Soul Kitchen" is equipped with light and sound equipment. The sound quality is at the highest level. Guests receive at their disposal a spacious area, so all who want to attend, even at peak attendance on Saturday.

Well, to get acquainted with those who had a chance to dance, you can on the fourth floor. Here it is quiet, quiet, there are places for smoking, hookah and the opportunity to pamper yourself with expensive cigars.

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