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Is it possible to ride without insurance: rules for all

Many new owners of cars are interested in the question of whether it is possible to travel without insurance. Just worth mentioning: despite the fact that liability insurance is mandatory on the territory of the whole country, it is necessary primarily for the driver. Therefore, to look for workarounds and try to save a few rubles is unreasonable. In the event of an insurance event, the amount of damage is usually tens, if not hundreds, times the cost of the insurance itself.

Of course, the legislation is not at all ideal, and you can find the opportunity not to draw up a contract that is designed to save you a considerable amount in the event of an accident. So, when buying a new or used car or renting it out, it is stipulated that the insurance is issued before the registration of the car, but no more than 5 days after the conclusion of the contract for its acquisition. During these 5 days, you do not even have to worry about whether you can go without insurance. This relaxation allows many conscientious drivers to safely get to the home or office of the insurance company, and then to do the registration of the vehicle in the bodies of the traffic police.

Imagine, you just bought a new car, go home happy, and it is at this time you are stopped by the inspector, demanding to show documents on the car and, of course, insurance. In this case, you just need to show only the contract of sale, explaining to the inspector that you know how much you can ride without insurance and how much time you have to arrange the remaining documents for the car. Of course, it will be ideal if you use the offer of one of the insurance companies that are in the selected showroom and insure the car on the day of purchase even before the first departure.

Some motorists, who are driving for more than a year, like to talk about a grace period lasting 30 days, in which you can not insure the car. In this case, the question of whether it is possible to travel without insurance, they answer in the affirmative. Such a period did exist until 2009: if the motorist did not plan to change the company, after the expiration of the contract, he could fearlessly ride another 30 days without re-registering insurance. Now the situation has changed, even one day of delay is the basis for a fine. In addition, the inspector has the right to remove from the vehicle and license plates, thereby making his further movement impossible.

Many believe that the management of the vehicle without insurance is possible, if the car has temporary license plates. But in this case it is necessary to purchase transit OSAGO, which changes to permanent when receiving ordinary numbers. The general provisions on the possibility of movement without entering into an insurance contract for 5 days extend to transit numbers .

If you have already decided for yourself whether you can go without insurance, and basically do not conclude an auto insurance liability insurance, then you lose a lot. The cost of compulsory insurance is not so high, but in addition to compensation for damage to the third party, many companies offer a number of additional services, such as free delivery of cars from the scene of the accident, the restoration of broken glass, which were damaged even without accidents, the departure of specialists to any point City or area in the event of a car breakdown. In addition, for regular customers, there are often cumulative discounts.

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