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Characteristics of the worker from the job: sample, writing features and examples of compilation

During his life a person is faced with different evaluation situations. Most often, his personality is subject to comprehensive study in cases of hiring, firing, transferring, enrolling in educational institutions and so on. In such cases, a characteristic is made-a description of the business and personal qualities of a person. How correctly is the performance from the job? Samples and examples of such documents are in the article.

Structural Features

In order to have a general idea of how a characteristic is drawn up for an employee from the place of work, a sample of it must be on the table of each representative of the personnel department or the head. The main data that describes the characteristics of a job are:

  • Working successes, professional knowledge and skills, encouragement or recovery;
  • Social characteristics of a person;
  • Business and moral qualities of the employee.

In general, you can use the general structure, which must match the characteristics of the employee from his place of work. The sample (or diagram) is as follows:

  • The name of the organization, the date of compilation, the outgoing document number (if the characteristic is not compiled on a letterhead);
  • FULL NAME. Employee, date of birth, position;
  • Education and stages of professional activity of the employee;
  • All kinds of rewards, punishments;
  • Qualification, job compliance;
  • Personal qualities of the employee;
  • Purpose or direction, where the characteristic is prepared;
  • The signature of the person responsible for drawing up the characteristics of the person and the head, round seal.

It should be remembered that there are several potential structures that can be requested from the job. Forms, samples of such a document are better prepared in several versions, depending on the alleged request - for law enforcement agencies, for educational institutions, for banking structures, for dismissal, etc.

Employee qualification level

On the qualification of an employee, the evaluation of his professional suitability in the characterizing document should be described:

  • All levels of education (indicating the specialty and the period of study);
  • training;
  • Self-education, participation in trainings, training programs;
  • Publications and participation in scientific conferences;
  • Promotion and functional responsibilities;
  • The introduction of a new in the workplace.

Business qualities

Business qualities are personality characteristics that help to successfully cope with work activity. They also need to be taken into account when a characterization is made for an employee from a job. A sample document may include such items:

  • a responsibility;
  • punctuality;
  • Initiative;
  • interest;
  • Orientation to the result;
  • Purposefulness;
  • Readiness to take risks;
  • The desire to improve their skills;
  • Organizational skills;
  • Level of self-organization;
  • motivation.

Employee Social Data

Social information is data that is not directly related to the work process, but in one way or another can influence the performance of labor functions by a person. For example, the presence of children in a woman can affect her periodic absence due to their illnesses, vacation lengths or social benefits. Depending on the purpose, such data is often included in the compilation of the characteristics from the place of work.

The sample in such cases should include data on the possible disability of the employee and related contraindications, family status and the presence of underage children, the presence of disabled family members and guardianship over them, the material situation and the availability of additional jobs, etc.

Psychological characteristics of the employee

In the sample and the example of writing characteristics from the workplace, you can include individual psychological data about the employee. This will make a more complete picture of the person. These data include:

  • Value orientations and moral qualities;
  • Leadership deposits;
  • Features of thinking;
  • Neuropsychic regulation (balance, resistance to external stimuli, aging or stress resistance);
  • Character of communication with people (sociability, tact, goodwill, ability to work in a team);
  • Mode of action in conflict situations.

Characteristics from work place: examples and sample

Here is a sample of the characteristic, which shows possible options, examples for creating a real document.


Engineer of technical department

Peter Petrov Petrov

Peter Petrov Petrov , born in 1983, works in the technical department (name of the organization) as an engineer since 2005. Prior to that, he was registered with the Employment Center and received a social unemployment benefit (he worked in another organization / was a student).

Education - higher (secondary, secondary special, secondary technical), in 2005 he graduated (name of the institution). During the time of work, Petr Petrovich proved himself to be an initiative, responsible (non-initiative / irresponsible / disinterested) employee. He was entrusted with the responsibility for servicing the company's hardware, maintaining the website and related documentation. With his duties Petrov Peter cope with enthusiasm and fully (did not cope at the proper level / performed mediocre / performed in full, but without initiative). Thanks to the analytical mindset and the desire to develop (due to inattention / passivity / laziness / knowledge gaps / unwillingness to develop his professional skills), he is put in reserve for promotion as a head of the technical department (will be demoted).

Petrov Peter is distinguished by discipline, discipline and tact (failure to comply with the rules of labor discipline, for which he received a severe reprimand with entering into a private matter / lack of tact in communication / rudeness / rudeness). With employees easily finds a common language, is able to work in a team, has a leadership potential (closed / unsociable / prefers to work alone).

Petr Petrovich is married, has a son (not married / divorced, has no children / pays alimony / evades payments). Contraindications to any kind of activity does not have (has contraindications to ... / has a disability).

The characteristic is made at the place of demand.



Example of a characterization for a medical professional

A special place is taken from the job description of the medical worker. A sample document may include items reserved for feedback on the activities of a physician from his patients.



State polyclinic № 1 in Kiev

Petrova Larisa Ivanovna

Petrova Larisa Ivanovna, born in 1991, is an employee of the polyclinic since 2013. The position of the nurse of the therapeutic department was obtained after successful completion of the practice. Prior to that, she was a student at the Kyiv City Medical College, graduated in 2013.

During her time, Larisa Ivanovna showed herself as a responsible, initiative employee with developed practical skills and theoretical training. Her responsibilities include medical care for patients, monitoring their health, adherence to the sanitary regime of the department, and the receipt and recording of medicines. Larisa Ivanovna performs her duties qualitatively and pedantically. Does not allow mistakes in work, always follows the instructions of the treating doctors.

In communicating with patients Petrova Larisa Ivanovna tactful and courteous. Especially easy to find a common language with children, can calm and encourage the patient. Among colleagues he enjoys authority, has leadership qualities. In connection with this, the chief doctor of the polyclinic (name) decided to raise Larisa Ivanovna to the position of senior medical nurse of the therapeutic department.

Characteristics prepared at the place of demand.



Characteristics of an employee from a job: a model for a teacher

To characterize the worker in the sphere of education, you need to have a sample, in which the characteristics of pedagogical activity are presented.

Such a sample, in addition to standard data, should indicate the following facts:

  • Educational influence of the teacher on the younger generation, the application of innovative methods in the work;
  • Academic successes entrusted to him students, which show the effectiveness of the teacher;
  • Psychological characteristics of a person that affect the development of his students;
  • The ability to find contact with parents, persuade;
  • Presence of the expressed organizational abilities, the creative approach to work;
  • Extracurricular activities;
  • Ability to work with documentation;
  • Transfer of pedagogical experience;
  • Own example of the younger generation.

These data will help to understand, how much the teacher is humane in relation to children, is modern in the training activity and whether he can be entrusted with the management of the educational process as a whole.

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