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Nikita Moiseyev: facts from life

The history of Russia knows many outstanding scientists and cultural figures who laid down their lives for the good of the country, brought up more than one generation of talented individuals and became a pride for contemporaries. One of these was Nikita Moiseev. The biography of a scientist and a mathematician, as well as his scientific activity, makes it possible to put him on a par with the legends of world science in the field of physics and mechanics.


Nikita Moiseev was born in 1917 in the family of famous Moscow scientists. His father was a teacher at Moscow University and was of noble origin. Mother, Elena Nikolaevna, died when the boy was only 5 years old, and his father was repressed in the 30th year.

Even while studying at school, Nikita became interested in mathematical sciences and even visited a circle at one of the higher educational institutions of the capital. In addition, he was actively involved in sports, and he even managed to become the champion of the USSR in skiing. In the final year I won the mathematical Olympiad.


Higher education young man began to receive from the Moscow Pedagogical University, because the origin prevented the first time to get to MSU, but a year later he still managed to become his student. In the period of training he was actively engaged in mountaineering and even managed to work as an instructor. During his studies, he also served in the ranks of the Soviet Army, where he taught soldiers ski skills for the conduct of the Soviet-Finnish war.

At the beginning of the war Nikita Moiseyev just finished his studies and went to serve in the ranks of the army. To begin with, he was sent to courses to master air-military engineering. Initially, he served as an aircraft technician, and then as an engineer and as the head of the armament of the air regiment. He even had to fulfill the duties of an air rifle on the fronts of the Second World War.

Scientific activity

In 1948, Moiseyev Nikita Nikolaevich defended his thesis and began teaching at the MVTU. Bauman. Here, already known scientists of the time, Korolyov and Barmin are reading their special courses. He has a strong family, children, friends - a whole generation of Soviet scientists who are in love with science.

Scientific schools are being created - these are whole groups of people who are connected by common not only scientific, but also moral ideas, where all are responsible for each other. All the activity of the scientist is connected with a group of such people who were able to pass the baton and prepare a huge number of progressive youth. They created nuclear weapons, advanced missile technology and made the country the second in the world in the field of engineering and mechanics.

In 1956, Nikita Moiseyev came to the computer center of the Academy of Sciences and is engaged in calculations for the trajectories of space objects, dynamic processes of the biosphere, philosophy, political science and even creates his own school.

He understood that mankind is on the verge of crisis and does not know where to stay so as not to fall into the abyss of non-existence.

Nuclear winter

All science, including mathematics, up to the 70th year worked to create a nuclear weapon and make the war meaningless. In the early 70's, everyone understood that such a form of war was meaningless. And the final point in this was put by a group of scientists, led by Moiseyev Nikita Nikolaevich, with the theory of "nuclear winter". There was a need to change the course, including political ones.

A sensation was the results of the study of the pupil N. Moiseyev, Vladimir Aleksandrov. He is the author of the computer model of "nuclear winter". He talked about how the radioactive fallout will spread and our planet will change. All models predict a sharp change in temperature if a certain amount of atomic charges are blown up in the atmosphere. There will be a nuclear winter, the end of civilization - this is confirmed by both elementary and more complex studies.

The most interesting in the studies was that after the end of nuclear war the atmosphere will not become the same and there will be no place for a person on the planet any more.

The issue of nuclear winter for Moiseyev was private. He solved the planetary problems.

Common Ideas

Nikita Moiseyev is a scientist who raised the idea of the morality of science. It is now accepted by the whole scientific world. He believed that compassion for his own people and his native land would help to cope with our troubles and adversities. He believed that a true scientist was responsible not only for science, but also for his people and planet. Nikita Moiseev wrote that the twentieth century is the century of warnings, and today we have a chance. We need responsible collective decisions, collective will and collective conscience. Humanity and the planet are one, and the human mind in its aspirations to preserve the planet Earth must be one. And this mind has no right to be immoral.

As you can see, the conclusions of the great man were based on one's own tolerance and decency to everything living and spiritual. Maybe it was this that helped the nuclear physicist to achieve unprecedented heights.

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