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Juice diet for weight loss: results, reviews

The juice diet for weight loss has many advantages, it cleanses the body, effectively reduces weight, satiates with vitamins, rejuvenates and revitalizes. It can not be called easily tolerable, because the food restrictions are very serious. In addition, it is important to know the basic rules that a diet really gives an excellent result.

The essence of the juice diet

The purpose of the juice diet is not just to get rid of excess weight, but also to improve your health. Many prefer it simply to purify the body and get rid of toxins and toxins.

No matter how a person eats, many harmful substances inevitably enter his body along with food. The main property of fruit and vegetable juices is that they have a powerful cleansing effect. But juices from packets are not that magic cleanser, and for a diet they categorically do not approach.

Diet on juices will yield the proper result only if only natural ingredients were used for their preparation. For the preparation of the drink, any fruit, vegetables and greens are suitable, but before use, dilute with clean water.

There are many variations of this method to get rid of excess weight, especially known for all the juice diet Malysheva Helena, it is designed for 7 days. Nutritionists do not recommend long adhere to this power system, the maximum duration of 10 days.

Stage of preparation

Any diet is a stress for the body, it must necessarily be prepared. To begin with, about 2 weeks before the juice diet should completely abandon such beverages as coffee, tea, alcohol. In the daily diet must necessarily include green and herbal teas, low-fat dairy products.

We must abandon the harmful products, fried and fatty foods, spicy spices, semi-finished products, salt and sugar. You can eat fruits and vegetables in any quantity, and preferably in fresh form.

The juice diet lasts 7 days. For such a short period of time the body is completely cleared, the stool is normalized and digestion is established. Natural juices actively decompose fatty tissue and in a short time the volumes decrease.

Which juice to choose

Uniquely purchased juice from the packets do not fit as a dietary product. The percentage of natural juice in it is negligible, but there is a lot of sugar, glucose syrup and water. This composition has no positive effect for weight loss does not. Although if you buy more expensive juices, there is a chance to buy a really natural product, but there is no 100% guarantee of high quality.

The best option is to prepare the drinks yourself. It is more reasonable to start a diet in the autumn or summer, when fresh vegetables, fruits and berries appear. Doing fresh will have to do on your own, but it's not worth using concentrated, it's better to dilute it with half-still water. Very good if the juice is obtained with the pulp.

Fundamental rules

The first and the main rule is only fresh and home-made juice. It is advisable to cook it yourself before each meal. It is not necessary to buy a juicer, for blending vegetables and fruits a blender will do.

So, what you need to remember:

  • The juice must contain the pulp, thanks to it the body gets a lot of fiber, and it saturates for a long time, which allows you not to feel hungry.
  • The diet should not be dominated by fruit and berry juices, they are rich in sugar and can give the opposite effect.
  • The menu should be as varied as possible, it is not necessary to use only one product for cooking fresh, you can combine several different ones.
  • It is desirable to use natural products, domestic or purchased from subsidiary farms.

Sample menu

There are several variations that Elena Malysheva recommends. The juice diet can last 2 or 7 days. Their essence is almost identical: for a certain period of time you should drink only juices. Daily rate of 1.5-2 liters of freshly made juice without the addition of sugar and salt, that is, about 10 glasses.

Juice diet for weight loss, designed for 2 days, involves eating only juices from fruits and vegetables. For their preparation you can use cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, apples, pineapples, kiwi.

If the diet is designed for a week, then there is a certain scheme. Juice diet menu:

  • Monday - you should prepare juice from pineapple, carrot or apple. You can use all three products.
  • Tuesday is dark grapes.
  • Wednesday is a multifruit juice.
  • Thursday - three servings of porridge made from peas cooked on water without additives.
  • Friday - juices from pineapple, carrot or apple.
  • Saturday is the juice of dark grapes.
  • Resurrection is a multifruit juice.

If it's hard to eat only juices, you can eat fruits and vegetables that are allowed.


Unfortunately, not all are equally suited to the diet for weight loss. There are a number of restrictions, who should not stick to this diet:

  • For children, pregnant and lactating women, this diet will be too monotonous.
  • For people with chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and epilepsy, as well as under reduced pressure and low blood sugar.
  • With anorexia and bulimia, dieting is unacceptable.
  • In the pre-operative and postoperative period.
  • During the period of treatment and taking medications.

In any case, do not risk your health and consult a doctor.

Positive reviews

Many girls already like the juice diet. The reviews are pretty flattering, that is, almost everyone who left comments is satisfied with the result. By the way, the result is different for everyone, it depends not so much on how strictly the diet was observed, but on the multitude of other factors. After all, in the first place, excess fluid and intestinal contents leave the body.

On average, you can lose from 3 to 6 kg. And this result gives the juice diet (7 days), but it is better not to stick to it longer, although it is not forbidden to sometimes do unloading days on juices. Many who have at least once tried a juice diet prefer to repeat it several times a year.

But we must immediately take into account that it is not so easy to withstand, a sharp restriction in nutrition is far from being possible for everyone. That is why preparation is an obligatory stage. First, the body is weaned from harmful foods. Secondly, the weight begins to disappear even at the stage of preparation, and the result will be much better.

Negative opinions

Unfortunately, the diet on the juice is not suitable for everyone. The reasons are many and the main one is the unpreparedness of the organism for heavy loads. Despite all the benefits, only people with a strong and healthy digestive system can consume fruits and vegetables. With such diseases as gastritis or stomach ulcers, the abuse of plant food is contraindicated.

The second reason that the diet for weight loss has not yielded a positive result is its incorrect observance. If you lose the golden rule of the diet and use exclusively purchased juices, the result can be sad. Excess of sugar in combination with preservatives will do their job and instead of losing weight, it can grow on the contrary.

Malyshevoy's juice diet has strict limitations and rules, nutrition after a diet should be low-calorie and moderate. But this recommendation is overlooked, which leads to the fact that the lost kilograms quickly return to their place. Hence many make the only conclusion that the juice diet for weight loss is ineffective.

In general, everyone will decide whether the juice diet is suitable for him individually. The reviews are really quite diverse, but they are still worth reading, because in their comments, losing people share their experiences, leave photos and write the results, which usually most motivates. In any case, the best start for a new business is a positive attitude and focus on results.

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