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Inflammation of the epididymis

Inflammation of the epididymis is caused by an infection that enters a long curved canal (epididymis) in which sperm formation takes place. The disease is typical for men aged 18-40 years, usually only the sexual system is affected.


The main cause of the disease is an infection, which is usually transmitted sexually. In half the cases, the causative agent is chlamydia. Other causes of epididymitis are intestinal microorganisms, which are the cause of the development of diseases of the urinary tract (pyelonephritis, cystitis). These include the E. coli, klebsiel, enterococcus, pseudomonad, proteus. In rare cases, the disease leads to a viral and tuberculosis infection. Other factors that provoke the development of epididymitis include severe hypothermia, which disrupts the blood circulation of the scrotum.

Inflammation of the epididymis can be associated with surgery or trauma. Therefore, in such cases, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics are prescribed. The prolonged standing of the catheter in the urethra can also cause this disease by penetrating the infection ascending by improper care of it.


Hyperthermia up to 40 ° C, sharp pains that increase during movement, hyperemia, edema of the scrotum from the affected side characterize the inflammation of the epididymis . Symptoms of this disease gradually increase, with time pains irradiate in the groin, perineum, sometimes in the sacrum and waist. There may be a reactive dropsy.

Without proper treatment of pain in this disease can disappear on their own after 5 days. In the region of the tail or body of the appendage, a non-uniform infiltrate is formed, which has a dense consistence. Subsequently, he can be replaced by a scar. This factor, combined with autoaggression to its own spermatozoa, often leads to infertility. The outcome of epididymitis is the transition of the disease to the chronic phase. During the period of remission, it has virtually no clinical manifestations, and with an exacerbation the symptoms are similar to acute inflammation of the epididymis. The outcome of this process can be a fibrous degeneration of the organ, which leads to a narrowing of the vas deferens, and it is also a factor provoking the development of infertility.


Inflammation of the epididymis is diagnosed by physical examination (palpation). Auxiliary methods are ultrasound and diaphanoscopy. They are painless and accurate.

For the diagnosis, laboratory methods are also used, which include general analysis of urine and its culture for the determination of pathogenic microflora, and sometimes perform an analysis of the ejaculate for the presence of infectious diseases.

Treatment and prevention

Often, ambulatory therapy undergoes uncomplicated inflammation of the epididymis . Treatment in the case of complications is the appointment of a proper diet (except for smoked, salted, roasted), ensuring a strict bed rest. Also, the necessary measure is to give the lower part of the trunk an elevated position to ensure rest of the scrotum. Drug therapy is prescribed according to the diseases that caused epididymitis. If the organ is suppurated, an autopsy is shown with subsequent drainage of the abscess. The patient is prescribed antibacterial therapy, resorption drugs, vitamins, enzymes. In particularly severe cases, the operation of removing the appendage is applied, when the purulent process passes to the testicle, it is also amputated. Treatment of chronic forms of the disease coincides with therapy in the acute phase of the disease.

Inflammation of the epididymis requires prevention, which consists in avoiding infection by infectious diseases, hypothermia, trauma. When detecting diseases, it is necessary to treat them in a timely manner.

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