How to offer to meet the girl "VKontakte" beautifully and originally

Social networks can be considered a great place to find and pick up a girl. On the page of a girl in a social network, you can evaluate a lot: appearance, then, what she is interested in, and in some ways even character. Only often many guys face a certain barrier. Despite the long stay online and considerable length of correspondence with the girls, all women refuse to meet with them in real life. And here it is not clear, the reason in the guy or with the girls is something wrong? And maybe, having met in a social network, it is impossible to start meeting at all? Of course, grieving and despair is absolutely not worth it, and you need to try, it's quite real! How to propose to meet the girl "VKontakte"?

What you should pay attention to?

If you have already decided how to propose to meet a girl "VKontakte", then first you should see if her page is real. Very often, "VKontakte" comes across fake untwisted pages, very similar to "live". Usually on such pages there are no realistic photos.

You can also look at how the girl responds to comments to other users. If there are a lot of template records on the wall and most of the friends are fake accounts, then you can safely say that this page is a fake girl, and there is no point in her writing anything, because this is a waste of time. If there is a certainty that the owner of the page is real, you should add her as a friend and try to make an acquaintance with her.

How to find an approach to the girl "VKontakte"?

We need to learn more about her, to study her personality. Then it becomes more clear how beautiful it is to offer the girl to meet "VKontakte", so that she could not refuse. It is necessary to find out what she is interested in and is addicted to. After you get at least some idea about it, it becomes known what to do next and how to propose the girl originally to meet "VKontakte."

Having learned the girl closer, you will understand, on what subjects it is not necessary to start conversation, not to spoil relations and impressions. Do not follow some standard instructions, in this case you need an individual approach. Only this way and not otherwise, you can get positive results.

What should the guy's page look like?

A great role is played by the appearance of the page guy. It is better that on the avatar was a quality photograph with adequate content. It is highly undesirable photos, on which the guy is in a state of intoxication. It should be noted that if you have a photo with beautiful girls, then it is not worth it to exhibit them, because nobody likes competition. Information about yourself should be filled competently, it is better not to use indecent jokes or meaningless nonsense. If a sense of humor is present, then, of course, you need to demonstrate it, but in moderation. Girls like it very much. And the young man will play only on hand. On the wall you can place positive and purposeful statuses. If these parameters are met, then the question of how to propose to meet "VKontakte" will not be so complicated. The page itself will cause genuine interest.

How to make friends "VKontakte"?

How to propose to meet a girl "VKontakte", what should she write, how to express her sympathy? On the banal "Hello, how are you?" You can simply not get an answer, as interest such a phrase will not cause. Start the conversation with an interesting question. To search for it you can use the data from the questionnaire of the girl. The subject may be her photo, her favorite music, anything - the main thing is that it does not look too trite or, conversely, too intricate. It is important that the message is not very short, otherwise the girl may not "hook" it. The more details in the question, the more chances to get an answer to it. If the girl answered, then you can continue the correspondence. Do not forget that the following messages should be as interesting and non-standard as the first one. Based on the initiated communication, it will become more clear how to offer to meet the girl "VKontakte."

How to propose a favorite girl to meet in real life?

If the conversation is tied up, it will be much easier to suggest meeting a girl "VKontakte". With prolonged communication, you can already ask for her phone number. Another important point - do not forget about literacy. Although many in our time do not pay attention to it, often for girls this is the main criterion in the question of whether it is worth to continue to communicate with the guy.

Many overdo it with slang words or make a lot of mistakes, but they pay attention to it. Of course, there are girls who also communicate like that, but usually they are teenagers, more adults will not appreciate it. Sometimes guys try to seem smarter than they really are. This often also does not color, as it often leads to mistakes that look ridiculous and ridiculous. It is better to write to a girl without some subtext, in simple and understandable language, as if communication flows with a good acquaintance. Then you need to analyze the relationship, understand what they are now. There is a big difference between just acquaintances by correspondence and good friends. If you really appreciate what relationships are connected, then it will be a little easier to find a place for a meeting. Do not immediately declare your feelings, if the acquaintance is not long, this can scare the girl away.

What to choose: virtual or real communication?

It is desirable as soon as possible to transfer the relationship in real life. Long correspondence is good only when the distance between a guy and a girl is very large. Much easier if the girl lives in the same city as the guy, then at the first opportunity it can be invited, for example, to a movie or a concert or in a cafe for a cup of delicious and fragrant coffee.

A good option would be an ordinary walk in sunny weather. After such a meeting it often becomes clear how to offer to meet a girl "VKontakte." It is better not to delay the proposal for a meeting, otherwise it may not happen.

The main thing is not to retreat

Does not hurt and perseverance. From the first time, many girls refuse to meet, so one sentence should not be stopped. Sometimes you need a little pogovarivat, and in the end the girl, most likely, will agree. Here, in general terms, and all about how to offer to meet a girl "VKontakte."

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