As in "Steam" add friends: friendship from A to Z

Today we are with you to learn how to add friends in "Steam". In fact, this question arises from many users. As a rule, after they try to play a cooperative game. Knowing this moment, you can always invite your new friend to your friends list and play together. In addition, this feature also allows you to simply communicate with a friend. And it can be very useful. Let's try to understand with you how to invite a friend in "Steam" to your friends list.


The first option, which can be assumed, is using authorization on the official website of the application. After all, your profile will be displayed here. And other users too.

If you want to understand how to add friends in "Steam", simply ask the future comrade for a link to his profile. Go through it and log in to the site. Next, carefully look for the appropriate function under the avatar. After clicking on a certain button, the user will be asked to add to his friend. Only this is not the best way of development of events.

The thing is that adding friends to the official site is a long process. It is much easier to implement the idea with the help of a game client. Let's try to figure out how to add friends to Steam in a different approach.

Search by category

For example, if you are interested in any person playing a particular game, you can always try to perform an appropriate search in the gaming client. To do this, log in to the program, and then find there option on the top taskbar called "Friends." Click the "Add a friend" button.

Before you pop a small window in which each user has the ability to configure the search filter. Click on "Games", and then select the one that interests you. The page will display the playing users. Now, if you click on the profile, then you will be able to add to your friends. This is a very interesting, but not the most popular approach to the solution of the task set before us today. Why?

The thing is that usually people think about how to add friends in "Steam", but only certain ones. That is, when you have some kind of data about the user. Only here not everyone knows the approach that helps to solve the task set before us. We will now figure out what users prefer when they want to add a new contact to their friend.


In truth, if you played with someone in a cooperative game, then decided to make friends with the user, then it's time to ask him for the login (nickname) in "Steam". After all, he will be able to help you realize the idea.

When you write a nickname in the "Steam", log in to the client program, and then visit the "Friends" section. Just like last time, click on "Add a friend". Now in the opened window, pay attention to a small blank line. It is in it and have to write out the login. Click on "Enter" and wait for a while - you will be given a search result. Now it only remains to send the request for the addition by clicking on "Add a friend". You can wait for the approval of the application. If your friend does this, then both of you will be added to each other's friends.

When it does not work out

However, now very many users say that friends are not added to the "Steam". And none of the above methods. What to do in this situation?

To be honest, nothing. You just need to be patient and wait. A similar phenomenon is the result of some kind of system failure. The maximum, which you can hope for, is to restart the computer. Did not help? Then write in the technical support of "Steam", and then wait for the result. When all crashes are resolved, resume attempts to add to friends. Everything will work.

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