We make stylish and original belts. How to make a belt with your own hands

Stylish accessories, even the simplest outfit will make the original - this truth is known to every woman. In a special account for women of fashion, various straps and belts. How to make a belt out of available materials, which is ideal for style, and is it worth it to spend your time and energy on it? To answer this question some arguments will help:

  • A similar creation will be a self-expression that can "catch" those around (in a good sense of the word);
  • An accessory made with your own hands will be original and unique, and you will not find it anywhere else exactly;
  • Often hand made products at a great price, but if you make a belt with your own hands, then its value will be even lower than factory products.

Selecting the material for the belt

How to make a belt, what materials will be needed and where to start? These are the questions I immediately begin to attack, as soon as the decision is made to make this accessory myself. It should be noted that this process is not at all complicated, but very exciting, interesting and positive.

So, first of all you need to determine the type of strap. It will be thin or wide, matte or glossy, with stones, chains or brooch. Based on their own wishes and should choose the material. It can be leather or suede, denim, satin or lace fabric, as well as all kinds of shoelaces, ribbons and even elastic bands.

Belts made of ribbons

Very original look tape belts. How to make a belt of this type? For the product you need velvet, organza or satin ribbons, metal rings and sewing accessories.

First, you should measure the waist and add another 10 cm to this measure - this will be the length of the belt. Then one edge of the ribbon is turned inside out and a neat seam is made, on the other hand, two half-wheels are sewn for fastening the belt. To ensure that this strap does not seem boring, you can embroider it with stones, beads, or simply take a paedo tape. Also perfectly look tape straps with neatly laid bows. A good option will be belts made of ribbons or cords of contrasting colors braided in a pigtail with a string of a wide ribbon tied in a bow with long tails.

Belts made of fabric

Original fabric belts look different. How to make a belt of fabric? It's very simple, and it's not necessary to run to the store behind a cut of cloth. You can reconsider your old things and give them a new life. For such a belt, you also need to measure the waist and cut the fabric strip two times wider than the future belt plus the allowance for the seam. Next, you need a nonwoven or doublerine to stabilize the material, it is glued with a hot iron, so that even a beginner can cope with this task. After the strip, the fabric is folded face inward and a line is made, leaving a small hole for eversion. For such a belt, you can make a buckle on a large decorative button or on several buttons and decorate it with a brooch, beads, rhinestones or lace. A good option will be a string of laces with beautiful tassels made of thread or beads. If an accessory is needed very simple, without unnecessary decorations, then the simplest version of how to make a belt for a skirt is suitable: the fabric strip is stitched so that its ends downward or have a serrated edge. Usually, such a belt is passed to the clothing loops and tied with a beautiful knot or bow.

Basic rules for accessories

Knowing how to make a belt with your own hands, you can transform any thing - whether it's a skirt, shorts or classic jeans. The main thing here is not to overdo it and remember that the belt for colored clothes should be chosen one-color, and vice versa. The belt with sequins, rhinestones and stones will perfectly and harmoniously look simple and even modest clothes. But combining with colorful and shiny materials, it will look superfluous and even defiant.

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