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Calgary (Canada): the most successful city in the world

Calgary is a famous Canadian city. It is inhabited by people of many nationalities, and it is located in the province of Alberta. This cultural center is also called Canadian Texas because of the fact that the atmosphere of the Wild West is still preserved here. Every year Stampede is held in the city - this is a famous cowboy festival.

Through Calgary (Canada) there are two rivers. One is called Boy, the other is Elbow. If we talk about the population, it is a little more than a million people.


Before the representatives of Europe appeared in Canada, the Indians lived in Calgary. The year 1883 was marked for this city by the opening of the railway station. Since then, it began to grow and develop, becoming an important trading center. And in 1947 in the area of the city were discovered large oil reserves. The result of this discovery was a significant economic growth and an influx of residents.

However, the world famous city of Calgary (Canada) acquired in 1988, when the winter Olympic games were held on this territory. They were very successful.

A small characteristic

Now, according to the Forbes magazine, Calgary is the purest city in the world. This is one of the sunniest regions of the country. However, the winters in the city are quite cold.

Regarding transport services, there are two airports. Public transport in Calgary (Canada) is represented by buses, as well as a high-speed tram. The latter works thanks to the wind generated by the wind, this is, without a doubt, environmentally friendly transport. It is interesting that the passage in the tram, passing through the business part, is free. Also in this area of the city there is the world's largest system of pedestrian paths, the length of which is 16 km. Canada has such an interesting and amazing locality.


Calgary (Canada) - a cultural center, in which the mass of attractions. You can inspect them in a variety of museums, visit the gallery. The city's territory is decorated with a tower 191 meters high. It is called - the Calgary Tower. In 1987, a gas torch was installed on its apex. Did it for the upcoming Olympic Games. In this tower there is an excellent viewing platform, which has a glass floor. If you go to this site, you can see a magnificent panorama of the terrain of a state like Canada - Calgary and the Rocky Mountains are very different from here.

On the occasion of the Olympic Games was built and skating rink indoor type. In North America, this is the first such structure. Various competitions are often held here, and in addition, the Olympic Museum is also located here. A variety of city events are held at the Olympic Square.

The most important street of the city is Stephen Avenue. Here you can see a large number of historic buildings. On this street there are many hotels, restaurants, cinemas. It is worth a visit and the fort of Calgary. There are the remaining fragments of the fortress, and around - a magnificent park.

Cultural institutions

In Calgary (Canada) is a very full nightlife. A lot of night clubs attract high-quality sound and excellent acoustics. Here they rest from all worries, merging with the rhythm. In Calgary, you can make an excellent shopping. In the heart of the city is a shopping area, in which there are many large centers. They are interconnected by a unique "+15" system. These are elevated pedestrian crossings. You can also stop in the city without problems - there are enough hotels for every taste.

Summarizing, it can be concluded that Calgary is a clean, beautiful city with a blue sky, fresh air, wonderful parks. This is the area where everyone will fall in love. Calgary is on the list of the most visited Canadian settlements and fully justifies its popularity.

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