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Gas tear gas cartridges for self-defense

The use of tear gas with proper skill can strike a fairly serious opponent. Many modern ladies, fearing for their inviolability, prefer to carry such a device in a purse. What should you know about these cans?

What is it?

Tear gas (irrigant), in spite of its apparent harmlessness, refers to real chemical weapons. Under this name are combined a variety of substances that irritate the mucous membranes of the victims and make breathing difficult due to penetration into the lungs. Their action is manifested almost immediately - within a few seconds, and lasts for 10-15 minutes after contact. With prolonged exposure, it is possible to have lung damage and even death.

The use of this type of weapon began during the First World War, but it is popular, and is widely used today. In particular, during the suppression of unrest by law enforcement agencies, this is one of the least traumatic ways to influence people along with water cannons. In addition, very popular cans for self-defense as a means of individual protection among women. In them, tear gas or any other irritant is contained in the form of an aerosol, which can be quickly applied against one or several ill-wishers. Power structures for the same purposes use more powerful means: special grenades, checkers and cartridges.

Modern types

The most popular now are chlorobenzalmalondinitrile, or CS ("Lilac"), as well as chloroacetophenone. The latter, which is also widely known as "Bird cherry", is a gas synthesized back in the 19th century, it has a relatively high toxicity and is gradually replaced by safer counterparts.

Among the more advanced species can be called dibenzoxazepine or algogen, as well as oleoresin capsicum - extract from hot pepper. Nevertheless, at a high concentration, any of these substances can lead to death.

In Russia at the moment, 5 types of irritants are allowed for use, which can be used either separately or in a mixture (two any). These are mentioned oleoresins capsicum (OC), dibenzoxazepine (CR), "Lilac" (CS), "Bird cherry", and also morpholide of pelargonic acid (IPC). An interesting fact: the latter substance is a pheromone for one of the mosquito species.


For civil purposes, tear gas is available in special aerosol cans. This tool is very popular among women as a means of self-defense, since it does not require special skills and physical strength, while it has sufficient effectiveness for opponents of any physique and degree of preparation.

Another important advantage is that they are completely legal - there is no need for special permits to use them. In addition, their application can hardly be regarded as exceeding the acceptable limits of self-defense, which is quite important, because, defending against unlawful actions, few people want to commit an unpredictable murder, for which you can get a very real prison sentence. Also, the cans are cheap enough and compact, so that any woman can wear them in her purse.

However, there are some drawbacks to this method: in particular, it does not have selectivity, hitting all those who are in the danger zone. With insufficient experience, the one who uses tear gas can suffer.

The action of the stimulus, depending on the particular substance, may have some differences, which, however, are not fundamental. But this is worth talking about a little more.


The mechanism of action of lacrimators is based on the irritation of the sensitive endings of the trigeminal and facial nerve after contact with the mucous membrane. This causes sharp spasms, abundant lacrimation, the appearance of a discharge from the nose, blepharospasm (involuntary squinting). In short, the body protects the eyes from further exposure. Other effects include coughing, sneezing, itching, shortness of breath, and sometimes nausea. In severe cases, this also leads to impaired lung function and edema.

Cost of cans

Tear gas, as it became clear, is not a toy. But in some situations this tool is absolutely necessary. And if you can still agree with people, for example, a flock of stray dogs is unlikely to appreciate the diplomatic talents of passers-by.

Gas cartridges for self-defense cost only 300-500 rubles (depending on the volume and filling). And this is not such a high price for that in case of which to have a real opportunity to stand up for oneself.

Important Tips

Gas cans for self-defense sometimes give a woman a false sense of security only by her presence. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know how and when to apply them.

First, in a dangerous situation, the weapon must be ready, otherwise it is of no use. Wrapping into a dark alley, going into the yard, in general, getting into an environment in which something bad can happen, you need to keep a can in your hands, because the ill-wishers are unlikely to wait patiently for the potential victim to get it from his purse.

Secondly, it is necessary to take into account the direction of the wind. This may seem like a trifle, but when the wind blows in the face of someone who is set up to use tear gas or any other caustic substance from the can, it's worth while refraining from it. Gas, pepper and any other sprayed content will immediately fly to the defender who is defending him for the joy of his ill-wishers.

Finally, it is necessary to monitor the expiry date and residues. It is hardly possible to imagine anything more tragic than the inability to defend itself precisely when it is very necessary. When it comes to safety, do not neglect the routine checks.

How to defend yourself?

At small concentrations used outside of combat operations, a gas mask is effective enough. Since the action of lacrimators is primarily based on the person's need for breathing, it is almost impossible to protect themselves from them in some other way. The only effective way to stop exposure is to leave the affected area. After this, usually no special treatment is required, unpleasant symptoms quickly pass by themselves. If necessary, you can also wash your eyes and open skin with plenty of clean water, sometimes also helps children's shampoo. Rest and warm drinking are also recommended for restoring breathing. Usually, recovery takes from a few minutes to a couple of days. But if the unpleasant consequences still do not pass, it is worth consulting with a medic.

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