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Samum - what is it? Samum ("hot wind"): description, definition

Many people heard the word "Samum". What does this word mean? There are several of its meanings. The main interpretation: it is a strong gust of wind, raising a huge amount of dust and sand in the sky. Other interpretations are given by man, as derivatives of something very strong, fast and dangerous.

The terrible and pernicious phenomenon of nature

Many underestimate the low itself, that such a phenomenon of nature can bring many destructions and troubles.

In general, the wind rages in the deserts of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Back in 522 BC. E. Samum destroyed the king of Babylon Kimbiza together with the army. In 1805 the squall destroyed a whole caravan. Killed 2 thousand people and 1800 camels.

Today in these places, motor roads are laid, aircraft fly over deserts. But thanks to the satellites and the rescue services of the authorities, there is not much worried about the lowness that such a phenomenon can be deadly today.

Description of the wind, its features and specificity

There are winds in spring and summer, the peak is in July. For a season can pass up to 80 samums. They always go in the south or south-west direction. The front of the samum can stretch for several kilometers.

The reason for its appearance lies in the strong heating of the soil, which causes hot air to rise quickly. In its place falls cold, resulting in a cyclone. Samum basically lasts several hours, very rarely - up to several days.

This is a formidable and incredibly dangerous phenomenon - samum. What is a phenomenon is also very impressive - few know, because it is impossible for them to admire near.

From the side of the storm it seems red. I happen to be white, yellow and even blue samums. The heavy wind "sings". An unusual sound arises from the friction of billions of grains of sand. During the storm, the sky turns black. The sight of the approaching samum can not but cause fear.

Is it possible to escape

If the traveler is in the heart of the heavy wind, he must immediately fall on his stomach and cover his head with clothing. Otherwise, the smallest dust, getting into the mouth, nose, ears and eyes, will kill him. Salvation is that the storm carries sand at some height from the earth. This gap - the only hope of the unfortunate, got to the low. However, a person can survive only if the storm does not last too long. Otherwise, he simply suffocates from the heat without the influx of fresh air.

"Samum" - a ship, which has no analogues in the world

Under the name "Samum" books, films are issued, this name is appropriated to heroes of art works. In the name of the squall wind, training is called for speed reading.

The term is fast, fast, powerful and dangerous. Based on these properties of the natural phenomenon, the "Samum" is a Russian air-cushion missile ship . He has no equal in striking force, speed, maneuverability. He has a large deck, large enough to accommodate a lot of weapons. Combat missiles on board are brought into the ready state in just 30 seconds. Really - powerful, fast, incredibly dangerous, like a barrage of winds.

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