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Sviyaga - the river of Russia: description, features, photo

Sviyaga is a river in Russia. It flows through the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Ulyanovsk region. In the latter is its source, the upper and middle course. Sviyaga is the right tributary of the river. Volga, it falls into the main artery in the territory of Tatarstan. In the lower reaches of the river you can meet many fishermen. But in the city of Ulyanovsk its waters are very heavily polluted. After checking by the appropriate authorities, oil products and phenol were found, which is why it is strictly forbidden to swim in it.

a brief description of

Sviyaga is a river that has a length of 375 km. It is interesting in that it has three origins. The main one is located on a hill near the village of Kuzovatovo, the second - with. Krasnaya Polyana, the third - with. Bayevka. The catchment area is more than 16 thousand square meters. Km. The width along the entire length of the river varies from 5 to 40 m. The bottom near the coast is sandy, near the center there are muddy deposits. Sviyaga is a river, the length of which is quite large, but it has a very calm character. The speed of its current does not exceed 1 m / s. On its banks you can find forests, meadows, as well as fields. The coastline is predominantly low, in some places shrub vegetation occurs, which is suitable almost to the water itself. Sviyaga has a fairly meandering channel, its maximum depth reaches 4 m. There are 13 settlements on the river bank. The largest city is Ulyanovsk. It is in this area that significant environmental problems are noted. It built many small hydroelectric power stations. In 1978, Sviyaga became a monument of nature of the regional significance of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Features of the river

Sviyaga is a river, the photo of which can be seen in the article, it has 79 tributaries. The largest of them are Tosha, Karla, Bula, Birla and others. The pool includes about 500 artificial reservoirs and lakes. Sviyaga and Volga flow parallel to each other. But their currents have different directions. The waters of Sviyaga move from south to north. On the river there are a lot of rolling and rolling. In these places the depth is small - from 50 cm to 1.5 m. Closer to Ulyanovsk, wetlands are formed on it. Given the climate, the river freezes in November, and opens in the middle of spring. Replenishes the reserve of water due to precipitation, mostly snow. Flood begins in spring and lasts about 15 days. At this time, the river spills more than 15-20 m.


Sviyaga is a plain river. In the upper current it is narrow and slightly watered. Therefore, it is desirable to come here for swimming or fishing only during rains or floods. It is then that the channel is significantly expanded. You can spend the night not only on the meadow coasts, but also in the forest belt. In the summer season, many gather berries and mushrooms. In the middle course, the size of the river changes. It becomes water, its channel expands. For recreation, you can choose any place where there are sandy beaches. The only thing, the left bank is more suitable for beach rest, as it is flat. On the right side there is a hilly relief, which is cut by ravines. However, it is this shoreline that is covered with a dense mixed forest. But the best place on the river is the site of its confluence into the Volga. Here the water is perfectly clean and perfect for swimming.


Sviyaga is a river that is popular with lovers of fishing. The most suitable place is the one that is located in the Republic of Tatarstan. Here, fishermen will not be bored. In the river there are many species of fish such as pike, perch, roach and others. You can go fishing by boat. Also many people catch from the shore. However, there is one nuance: it is unrealistic to catch large specimens in small parts of the reservoir. Most often on Sviyaga, caught with the help of spinning chub and pike, which live here in large numbers. Fans of other types of fish also will not be left without business - they can put tackles on a roach, perch or ide.

Mountain-skiing resort "Kazan"

In Tatarstan, the resort area is the place where three large water arteries meet. These are the Volga, Sulica and Sviyaga (river). "Kazan" - a ski resort, founded precisely in this area. Here you can have a great time as a family, and a friendly company. The infrastructure is excellent in the territory, the guests are offered a variety of entertainment programs. The resort itself is located in a zone with a unique nature. Due to the peculiarities of the climate, you can ski here until the end of March. The length of the trails is almost 3 kilometers. There are 3 of them. They have three difficulty levels. The height difference is more than 1000 meters. You can skate not only on skis, but also on snowboards.

Holiday Village «Goldfish»

On the Sviyaga River in Ulyanovsk there is a recreation center "Goldfish". There are two guest houses built on it. The first, small, accommodates 6 people, the second - more, is designed for 20 tourists. The cost of living is from 7000 to 15 000 rubles. Many holidaymakers come here to spend birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. At the recreation center there is a kitchen, there is a banquet hall and a cafe. There is also a sauna, playgrounds, fishing, skiing and horses.

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