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How to tie a knot "eight"

One of the classical nodes is the so-called eight. It is widely used not only in fishing. By right this node can be called marine, and mountaineering, and industrial. It is suitable for many other activities. The "eight" knot is used for domestic and work purposes, and some people, having acquired skill, quickly tie it at a subconscious level. Let's try to consider the technique of tying this knot, as well as to understand its advantages and reasons for widespread use.

Perhaps, it is necessary to start directly with the ways of tying this node, which differ in simplicity. The "eight" knot, as a rule, is knitted in one of two ways. The first is to fold a small loop near the end of the rope, into which it is necessary to pass the running end, which is surrounded around the rope. The second method does not differ much from the first. Just the end of the rope, which is passed into the loop, before it is flown around its lower part twice. Stretching can be performed both through the final turn, and through both.

The "eight" knot is used in fishing mainly for tying leashes and knitting of sturdy loops, for the use of a fastening called "loop to loop". The latter method is valuable in that it helps without problems to attach the leash to the main forest in the way shown on the images, and in case of a breakage - quickly replace it.

As already mentioned, the "eight" node, because of its simplicity and reliability, is used in many branches of human activity. It can be tied on any interval of the line or rope. At the same time, the strength of the cord itself is reduced by no more than 30%, in some cases - no more than 20%, which is a rather high indicator of reliability. Any fishing node inferior to the "eight" in strength. Wear of any cord (fishing line, rope, etc.) reduces to almost zero in the place of the knotted knot of the figure-eight. In this case, this bundle is very easy to untie if necessary without traces of twisting or any other defects.

Mountaineering is a separate topic, because the "eight" knot is used in this area for fastening safety ropes, as a stopper, etc., which indicates its advantages. In addition, the G-8 is used as a basis for knitting other, more complex knots (there are more than a dozen of them), as well as doubling the rope. There are various modifications of it (for example, the so-called counter eight), but the nodal principle of such bindings is unchanged.

Returning to the theme of the application of the "eight" in fishing practice, it is worth noting that knots for a hook, tied in this way, are distinguished by their remarkable strength, although they are used quite rarely.

Thus, we can conclude that the "eight" node somehow occupies an honorable place in the activities of fishermen, builders, sailors, mountaineers and representatives of other professions. Mastering the knitting of this knot will help in solving a wide variety of everyday tasks and performing various jobs.

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