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How to choose skates for children?

Choosing children's figure skates is not easy. After all, they should approach the baby at the same time for several parameters. Let's see what characteristics deserve attention.

Figured children's skates: sizes

The question of what size it is worth choosing skates for a child is rather controversial. According to most experts, for figure skating you can use models that are several sizes superior to the parameters of the foot. After all, they can be worn for a couple of socks. And in terms of savings, based on the calculation of the rapid growth of the child's legs, this option looks quite appropriate.

It is best to choose figure skates for one size larger, especially if the kid uses the model for regular training. In this case, excessive excess of the parameter will result in rubbing the child's leg.

As an option, you can buy skates curly children's sliding. This solution will allow you to change the size of the product as the baby's foot grows.


Selection of skates for the material of manufacture is not an easy matter, since all production bases have both advantages and disadvantages.

Professional coaches recommend to buy skates for children, made of genuine leather. Only in this case will the child's foot "breathe", and the boot will fit the foot as tightly as possible.

Models of dermatine have less weight compared to leather products. In addition, such skates are much cheaper. However, leatherette can not be called an extremely durable material. Therefore, for the first classes it is better to purchase inexpensive plastic figure skates for children, which later can be replaced by a professional model made of genuine leather.

Level of hardness

According to this indicator, skates for figure skating are divided into categories of hard and soft models. For very young children, who are just starting to exercise, it is better to purchase products of the first type.

Rigid skates have a tight cuff that can reliably fix still unformed ankle joints in a static position. Working in soft skates for figure skating, the kid can easily get a serious dislocation.

As for the sole, it must be distinguished by increased rigidity, regardless of the type of product and the material of manufacture.

Quality of internal filling

Picking up skates for figure skating, be sure to pay attention to the tongue. The latter should ensure a uniform distribution of pressure, which is on the leg lacing the product. As practice shows, the most comfortable for children are skates with wide blown tongues.

Shoes must contain special protective cushions in the form of a crumb, which protects the ankles from damage. It is also desirable to choose the models that have an insole with an instep. This solution will protect children's feet from shock loads and vibrations when contacting the ice platform. In addition, the instep helps maintain the original shape of the skates for a long time.


It is recommended to give preference to skates with reliable blades made of stainless steel. Before buying, you need to inspect this structural element for rust, cracks and dents.

The indicator of high quality of blades is the presence of a protective matte coating. The presence of the latter protects the metal from premature abrasion and, accordingly, prolongs the life of the product.

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