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What you need to know to put traps on beavers

Beaver has long been known as a very valuable hunting object. Remarkably, all parts of such a trophy were used: the skin was used to make fur coats and capes, meat was used for food, and fat and gland secrets were used for medical purposes. Until now, hunting for beavers has not lost its relevance. These animals are ubiquitous in the middle zone. There are a lot of extraction methods, and everyone chooses what suits him best. Someone hunts with a gun, with a net, and someone puts traps on beavers.

A bit of history

As early as the beginning of the 10th century, the beaver was a fairly common animal, but mostly they were mined in so-called beaver gongs. These kind of private hunting grounds belonged to the prince, and hunting there was allowed strictly to certain people specially trained. There existed such gons up to the 17th century, and what is noteworthy, after their abolition, the population of beavers began to decline, and it is possible to connect it with the appearance of new ways of hunting. There really are a lot of methods, although some of them are already forgotten and not used. At the moment, hunting for beaver traps is considered to be the most effective, it is connected with the way of life of the animal, and with its extreme caution.

Wide choose

All modern self-contained devices owe their invention to inventions of ancient times. What's new is not invented, traps for beavers, such as they are now, differ little from their predecessors. They are divided, as a rule, on infringing and pressing, the principle of their work is not much different, only the sizes are different. The first are small and are designed to capture the animal by the foot, while the latter are commensurate with the size of the beaver and clamp it either by the head or by the trunk. The most widespread type of fishing gear is also allocated, these are arc traps-samovolov, and they are divided into three types:

  • With a dishwasher;
  • "St. John's Wort";
  • On a frame with a cloth instead of a watch.

Modifications of each type are also endless, any hunter can contribute something of his own. Traps for beavers within a particular species can be subdivided into sizes, the most common models have their designations and numbering. But often inveterate hunters use artisanal tools.

How to put traps on the beaver

At first glance it may seem that the installation of a trap is a simple matter and does not require special skill or accuracy, but in fact, it's the opposite. It is necessary to know not only the specifics of the operation of the mechanism of self-trap, but also to thoroughly study the habits of the beast, especially when it comes to beaver. The principles of installation are the same for everyone, the same applies to camouflage, the most favorable places for fishing are trails, dwellings or places for animal feeding. If you are going to use the ground-based method of hunting, then keep in mind that the trap should not only be hidden, but also carefully treated against foreign odors, especially scares the animal's iron smell. Therefore, traps for beavers are better to be installed in water, and there will be no disguise, since the beavers can not smell it. The dam will be a great place, the building instinct is very developed in these animals, so if you slightly destroy their construction, you can be sure that sooner or later they will come to repair it. For a better effect, you can shake the water around the samolov, il will close it, which will give the effect of masking. When hunting for beavers, take precautions, as there are often cases when, wanting to escape from the trap, they attack people.

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