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Grandmother's recipes: sour cream for cake

Everyone who likes to cook knows that there are different kinds of recipes: everyday and festive, fast and those that need to be tinkered with. If we talk about sweets - it is, of course, cakes and Napoleons, able to decorate any holiday and give odds to shop masterpieces. Let's talk about a special filling or watering for delicacies - meet: sour cream for cake!

There are many recipes that will help housewives quickly and tastefully decorate ready-made cakes. So, for example, if you take sour cream and discard it at night on gauze, and then mix it with condensed milk (preferably with a mixer), you will get a wonderful sour cream for the cake, which is superior to its analogue, created with butter. You can try and this option: sour cream plus powdered sugar plus gelatin, diluted with milk. The ingredients are mixed and cool for an hour. Such sour cream for the cake is suitable both as a filling and as an interlayer between the cakes. He gives the product tenderness, while it should be noted that sour cream is not as cloying as creamy or, especially, oily. The main secret here is a good whipping of the mass, otherwise it can form lumps that are not quite pleasant for those who will taste the work of culinary art.

But today I want to share a recipe for the sour cream prepared by my grandmother. True Cossack, she knew a lot about delicious food. And believe me, cooking in the Kuban always had a shade of a certain mystery, an action that necessarily led to an excellent result. At the time of cooking, everything in the house died away - probably in anticipation of a miracle. So, for making sour cream, you need to make ten pieces of cake. They should be thin, but not brittle - it's best on curds. The grandmother laid them out all over the baking tray, so the edges turned out to be always even, and there was no need to trim the cake in ready-made form (which, of course, I did not quite like - I had to endure until the holiday itself). The cakes could stand in ready form and for a week - the cottage cheese dough is perfectly baked and does not lose its flavor for a long time.

But the sour cream for Napoleon was prepared only the day before the event. Sour cream was prepared: 0.5 liters of bazaar and slightly less than shop. For those who do not know, I will explain: market sour cream is the one in which the spoon holds vertically right after purchase. Well, you do not need to explain about the store for a long time - everyone saw it. For all this beauty - a half cup of sugar. It is possible and more - depending on how much you love sweet. And now the most important thing: beat whisk (we tried with the sister to replace this tedious process with the mixer's work - nothing happened, only the products were transferred). It is beaten long, to the absolute dissolution of sugar and numbness of the hand. The mass turns out to be homogeneous, like butter that has melted in the sun. Attention! Do not overdo it - or the sour cream for the cake will turn into butter for sandwiches.

The last step: the cakes are smeared with cream. It is necessary to make sure that the edges of the cakes are also sufficiently cream, as the middle and so well soaked. All this splendor needs to be filled up with crushed nuts and left in a cool place for the night. Napoleon's taste is simply extraordinary! Honestly, I could eat it as a child without stopping, but they stopped me. And how tasty it is to just walk up and grease the caked cream from the sides - magical sensations! The cream of sour cream tastes slightly like sour cream, because of the market sour cream, but this is its zest: Napoleon is not cloying, but unusually pleasant and moderately sweet. Attention! He is also very high in calories.

I wish all who dare to apply this simple but time consuming recipe, a pleasant appetite and good holidays!

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