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How to sour cabbage. Recipe for cooking at home

White cabbage is a vegetable crop that is grown all over the world. It is perfectly kept. This allows you to prepare cabbage dishes all year round. Cabbage is a dietary food product , which is a source of vitamins, minerals and minerals.

A variety of dishes are prepared from white cabbage. To preserve the useful properties of the vegetable culture, use it in fresh or sauerkraut. Prepare sauerkraut is easy. For souring it is necessary to choose late varieties, which have good saline properties.

How to sour cabbage? The recipe of preparation in small containers is suitable for billets at home. Salting cabbage in cans for the winter does not require tightening tightly. It is prepared in small portions. Finished sauerkraut can perfectly be stored in the refrigerator. And since it can be purchased at any time of the year, a new portion can not be cooked.

How to sour cabbage? The recipe for sour snacks in barrels or in small containers is the same.

You can have cabbage at home in glass jars, enamel, ceramic or earthenware. Before cooking, heads are cleaned from the top leaves and washed.

Pure vegetables shred, put into a wide container. Stir with salt, lightly prized to isolate the juice. Mix with carrots, previously rubbed on a large grater. Next, the vegetables are densely packed in a container in which cabbage will be sour. Recipe can be diversified by adding spices. They give the finished product a slight sharpness.

In glass jars cabbage is packed very tightly, to the very "shoulders." In enameled or faience containers it is covered with a clean plate, on which the cargo is placed. In the process of souring, the secreted juice completely covers the cabbage. The preparation is carried out at room temperature. To ensure that the billet is not bitter, during the fermentation, the vegetables are gently mixed, while removing the formed gas. After three days, the workpiece is ready. She is placed in the refrigerator. At room temperature, the fermentation process will continue, which will lead to souring of cabbage.

The recipe for sour cabbage is standard. But every housewife has its own secrets for the preparation of this useful product. Many except carrots add pieces of apple, cranberries or grains of pomegranate. Piquant sauerkraut with beets or sweet pepper is also prepared. This dish takes on a peculiar taste.

When is it better to sour cabbage? In the countryside, this is done right after harvesting, that is, when the first frosts come. And in the cities, housewives around the same time begin to sour cabbage. You can choose any recipe, but you can make billets in several ways at once. The people say that you should wait for the growing moon and on the next day of the week, in the name of which there is a letter "p", to begin to sap cabbage, which turns juicy and crispy.

Sour cabbage is a product with excellent taste qualities. In addition, it has dietary and medicinal properties. It is very often included in the diet of people who are overweight and suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

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