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Blackberry preserves. Unusual recipes

Blackberry, "sister" of raspberry, has the same useful properties and wonderful taste. Brilliant black berries, giving dark-red juice, are ideal for confectionery. Compotes, jams, jam from blackberries are saturated, fragrant and like adults and children.

There are a lot of options for making jam from this berry, but we will learn how to prepare the most unusual and exotic treats. The blackberry, the photo of which is given here, fits well with other berries, fruits and spices.

Jam "Blackberry Tropic" turns out to be extraordinarily tender and fragrant. For its preparation, take the ingredients in equal amounts, for example, 1 kilogram of blackberries, bananas and sugar. Peel the berries from the peduncles, fill with sugar and send for several hours or overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning you will see how well the berries have given juice. On a strong fire, bring the berries in syrup to a boil and cook for another half hour on low heat. Five minutes before the preparation, add finely chopped bananas. This stunning blackberry jam is perfect for tea drinking and as a filling for pies.

Jam "European" got its name due to the rosemary, which gives it a unique pine-eucalyptus flavor. You will need: blackberry -1.5 kg, sugar -1 kg, 1 lemon, pinch of dried rosemary. Go through and peel the berries, add sugar to them and leave for a few hours. Then put the pan on the fire, pour the lemon juice, season with rosemary and, stirring with a spoon, bring to a boil. Then allow to cool and clean for the night in the refrigerator. In the morning, boil again and cook for 5-8 minutes on a quiet fire. Remove from the plate, allow time to cool, then repeat boiling and cooking. You will see how beautiful the blackberry is, the jam from which is distinguished by a noble and refined taste.

Jam "Christmas" is perfect for long winter evenings. It is intertwined with delicious flavors of blackberries and cranberries. Take 1.5 kg of blackberries, 500 g of syrup from cranberries, 2 kg of sugar, half a lemon, 2 tbsp. Spoons of flour, a glass of water. Go and clean berries, add sugar, water, let boil. Strain the hot syrup and leave it for a while. Then put in it finely chopped lemon, pour in the cranberry syrup, mix. Add the berries, gently pour the flour, mix and cook for 1 hour on low heat. Pack to the steamed jars and roll them up. In the winter, this blackberry jam will be incredibly popular in your home.

Jam "Homemade Italian" is a delicious duo of blackberries and pears. For him, take 800 g of sweet, loose pears, 500 g of blackberries, 800 g of sugar, 2 lemons. Quickly rinse the blackberries and dry them. Remove from lemons very thin peel without a white layer, cut into narrow strips and fold in a gauze pouch. Squeeze lemon juice into a separate bowl. Remove the peel and core from the pears, which are folded into a gauze pouch. Slice the pears into cubes the size of the blackberries, put them in a saucepan, add berries, lemon juice and roll the bags into the pan. Cook on low heat until softened fruits and berries. Take out the bags, put in the sugar and, stirring, cook over medium heat until thick (about 20 minutes). Then remove the foam, cool and place in a dry jar. This blackberry jam does not look like anything else. It is an independent dessert, as well as a perfect complement to ice cream and cakes.

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