Felix Yusupov: biography, photo. Wife of Prince Fyodor Fyoksovich Yusupov

Belonging to the most influential and wealthy family, Felix Yusupov was a very shocking person. Loving to change into a woman and turn his head to young officers, involved in the murder of Rasputin, he for a while became a dark person of Russian history. On the other hand, as on the scales, his good deeds are balanced: the creation of a fashion house in Paris, the patronage and assistance to emigrants from Russia in France. How in Yusupov demonic vices and good deeds got on?

The prince's parents

The parents of the imperial dandy were Zinaida Nikolayevna Yusupova and Count Sumarokov-Elston. Mother was an enviable bride, the owner of a colossal state. For her hand fought not only eminent bachelors of the Russian Empire, but also aristocrats of Europe. Felix Yusupov recalled her as a beautiful, fragile and very intelligent creature.

Zinaida Nikolayevna was not ambitious, so she married not according to the calculation (she could even claim the throne of the throne), but for love. The chosen officer was Felix Sumarokov-Elston. With the high position of his wife, he easily managed to make a career. Moreover, Felix-father was given the title of prince by the emperor, and he was also allowed to be called his wife's surname.

The marriage of such dissimilar people, a refined princess and an officer, was happy, but not easy. Two children were born: Nikolai, the elder, and Felix. In 1908, the 25-year-old heir tragically dies during a duel and Feliks Yusupov becomes the successor of a huge fortune. His biography will be told below.


Childhood is the time when the personality is formed, the character becomes established. Yusupov Felix Feliksovich was born in 1887, on March 23rd. His young years were spent in luxury and festivities. His mother's favorite, he was very handsome: correct, as if carved features, in which aristocracy was traced. Zinaida Ivanovna passionately wanted a girl, so Felix only dressed in girlish things.

Apparently, this habit has remained with the boy from a distant childhood. Already a five-year-old child Yusupov demonstrates his love for dressing in women's dresses. Not soldiers and games with boys, and the mother's wardrobe - that's his favorite entertainment. Together with his brother Nicholas, they change into women and attend taverns, gatherings of women of easy virtue. Felix even performs in a cabaret: he sings one of the parts.

It takes the father out of himself, the boy is constantly getting hit. Felix Feliksovich wanted to see in the son of the continuer of his military affairs, and the female things on the boy did not fit into this idea at all. The relationship between the two Felixes has always been distanced.

The hobby continued until the death of Nicholas, Felix's brother.

Period of life in the Russian Empire

In Russia, the young prince Felix Yusupov was known as an eccentric youth, a rebel. He loved absurd antics, extremely surprising to the public. People talk about it, gossip, and make fables. It should not be forgotten that the society of that time was not as accustomed to shocking as the modern one, so the shocking actions of young Yusupov stunned many.

As for Yusupov, he was not a diligent student. However, he had an amazing mind and the ability to synthesize the necessary information.

First he studied at a private gymnasium, then continued his education at Oxford University. There he joined the Russian-speaking students in society, also created a car club.

Yusupov had a special relationship with her mother's friend, Grand Duchess Elizabeth. She was the Empress's own sister. Felix considered the woman a saint, her advice, parting words, kind attitude helped the boy survive the tragic death of his brother. In 1914, Yusupov married a representative of the Romanovs' house Irina and thus is related to the imperial family.

The first world catches the Yusupovs' young couple in Germany. With difficulty returning to St. Petersburg, Felix begins to help in the treatment of patients at the hospital. In 1915 Yusupov's daughter Irina was born.

Rasputin's Assassination: Preconditions

Zinaida, Yusupov Felix Felixovich and even Grand Duchess Catherine saw that because of Grigory Rasputin, who was close to the imperial family, they suffer, because the attention of monarchs is riveted only to this dark person.

Indeed, Gregory began to occupy a high position at the court of the emperor. The savior of the heir, he was considered the empress for the saint. All attempts to appeal to common sense were unsuccessful: the Empress was adamant, she considered everything slander. And the emperor was forced to agree with everything, because in the hands of the old man was the life of a blood heir. Thus, the plan to kill the unwanted "saint" began to be thought through.

Plot with murder

The involvement in the murder of Felix was the most immediate. However, he will remember this for the rest of his life as a terrible dream. Yusupov's close friends took part in the conspiracy: deputy Purishkevich, Dmitry Pavlovich, a native of the royal family, was also brought in by British Resident's Resident O. Reiner.

To implement the plan, it was necessary to get closer to Grigory. This role was assigned to Felix. He asks Rasputin to get rid of the vice, to help.

17.12.1916 Rasputin is invited to the family mansion of the Yusupovs, supposedly to meet with Irina, Felix's wife (she is in the Crimea at that time). There they try to poison him first, and then fatal shots are heard.

Many mysteries conceal this crime, but one thing is obvious: Felix himself believed that this relieves his beloved country of obscurantism. Indeed, the citizens of the empire sighed with relief, learning about the death of Gregory.

Suspect Felix Yusupov refers to Rakitino, the estate of his father.

Emigration: Life in London

The family is safely going through a revolution, but emigrates to Europe. Their way ran first to the Crimea, then to Malta. Next, Prince Felix Yusupov and his family are sent to the UK, and his parents - to the capital of Italy. Until recently, they all hoped that they would still see their native land, but this was not meant to come true.

In London, Felix helps arriving refugee nobles. The family does not live in luxury, as at home, because all the treasures they left at home. Jewels that were on women, they sold - that's what they lived for. It was not without scammers who robbed the Yusupovs.

Paris: World War II

The last place of residence is Paris. There Irina and Felix Yusupov move in 1920. A miracle from Russia managed to take out the originals of paintings and some jewelry. It was enough to buy a small house. In France, also continues to help the country escaping from the new realities of the Soviets. At the same time, the Yusupovs' couple opens the fashion house Irfé, but he did not bring them the desired financial well-being.

Funds for life appeared unexpectedly: a film about Rasputin and his death was published in Hollywood. It was reported there that the elder had a love affair with Irina, Felix's wife. It was decided to go to court with the accusation of libel. As a result, the couple received a good compensation.

During the war, Yusupov flatly refuses to join the Nazis. They took possession of the family jewel of the Felix family - a very rare pearl. They blackmailed her, but the prince was adamant. As a result, the jewel returned to the family.

In 1942, the tragic news comes: the best friend of Yusupov, who was involved in a conspiracy against Rasputin, Grand Duke Dmitry, died. Long Felix mourns a friend.

After the end of the war, the Yusupovs live in Paris, they barely have enough money, but they do not despair: they are always hospitable, joyful and happy, despite the heavy deprivations. Felix Yusupov, whose photo is in the article, is an example of a truly Russian aristocrat. Unprofitable, with dignity, but at the same time open to help the disadvantaged.

Wife Irina Alexandrovna

The person of a person will not be revealed completely, if one does not penetrate into his relationship with his wife. Felix Yusupov's wife - nee Romanova, the niece of the emperor Irina Alexandrovna.

From the very engagement, young people's attitudes have been hampered. It should be said that Felix himself decided to marry, it was his decision, not pressure from the family. Young people knew each other from childhood, nurtured tender feelings in their youth, so they were not at all against the wedding. Families also did not object, the union was completely equal: the Romanovs and the richest family of the country. However, the engagement almost fell through due to the "well-wishers" who informed Irina's father of Felix's fraudulent facts about his sodomy. A young man convinces the future father-in-law of his innocence, and the wedding takes place.

Further, throughout his life, Felix and Irina Yusupov do not part. Irina - his best friend, she supported him, gave good advice. She never reproached him for accepting the other.

Throughout their life in exile, the Yusupov couple engaged in charity and assistance to other emigrants, although they lived very modestly. They are an example of like-minded spouses, zealous patriots of their country.

Probably, for all the good things they were destined to live many years: Felix Yusupov dies in 1968 at the age of 80 years, after 2 years his faithful wife Irina died.

Descendants of the prince

Unfortunately, the Yusupovs had only one daughter, Irina. During the emigration, she lived with grandmother Zinaida for a while, afterwards she married Count Sheremetyev and moved to Rome. From this union, Xenia is born. Thus, she, her daughter Tatiana and two granddaughters are living direct descendants of the Yusupovs.

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