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How to cook pancakes with milk

A real hostess should be able to cook everything, including pancakes. I remember how delicious they were with my grandmother. A special secret was that they were preparing in the stove, and no comparison was made with pancakes cooked on the stove.

Today, pancakes are increasingly appearing on our table, which simply can not be eaten without fatty sour cream, condensed milk or jam. In addition, it will not be difficult to prepare them. To bake real pancakes you need basic foods such as flour, milk and eggs. If you do not know how to make pancakes in milk, I will teach you. I myself very often cook them for my relatives, who never refuse such a delicious dish.

I offer you a few simple recipes:

Pancakes ordinary

Ingredients: 1 egg, 0.5 liters of milk, flour, salt, a pinch of soda.

Preparation: Whisk the egg, add warm milk, a pinch of soda, salt to taste and flour. Flours need so much to get a thick dough. Bake pancakes on low heat.

I use this recipe when very little time. Now I will tell you how to prepare pancakes with milk using yeast. To prepare pancakes , you will take more time more, but the result is worth it.

Yeast pancakes

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 2 glasses of milk, 200 g. Flour, 20 gr. Yeast, lemon peel, salt, sugar.

Preparation: Sift the flour through a sieve, pour the milk into it, add the yeast, sugar and salt to taste. Mix the dough well and put it in a warm place. Eggs wash and separate yolks from proteins. After the dough is suitable, add crushed yolks and lemon zest into it. Whisk the whites until the appearance of foam and also add to the dough. Stir again and put in a warm place. Start frying pancakes when the dough is good. Baked pancakes are served on the table with sour cream, jam or jam.

Do not neglect the sifting of flour, as this saturates the dough with oxygen, and the pancakes eventually turn out to be magnificent.

How to make pancakes from manga? Yes, it turns out, not only from one flour can you make delicious pancakes. And you will see this now.

Mannequin Pancakes

Ingredients: based on 0.5 cups of manga: 0.5 cups of flour, 2 yolks, 10 butter, 3 glasses of milk, salt.

Preparation: In one glass of boiling milk, slowly add semolina and add butter. Pour the porridge until cooked, and then put it on for 1 hour in the cold. Meanwhile, from flour, 2 cups of milk and yolks, knead the dough, add salt to it and cool the semolina porridge. Mix everything well. Pancakes bake in a small frying pan over low heat.

Now I will share with you a recipe for how to make pancakes with milk and millet. The end result is very tasty, however, the cooking process takes a little free time from you.

Millet pancakes

Ingredients: 150 g of millet, 0.5 glass of sour cream, 150 g of buckwheat flour, 2 tbsp of sugar, 8 g of yeast, 1 glass of milk, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, salt.

Preparation: Peel the millet and cook from it a viscous porridge. Then wipe the porridge through a sieve and put it to cool. At this time pour into the pan half a glass of milk, add 1 tbsp vegetable oil and put on medium heat. When the milk boils, pour buckwheat flour into it and brew a thick dough. Wait until it has cooled to room temperature. Then add the yeast, previously diluted in warm water, into the dough, mix everything well and let the dough come up. When the dough is suitable, add rubbed porridge, the rest of the flour, raw yolks, pour in the remaining warm milk, salt and sugar to taste. Stir well once more and let the dough come up again. Add whipped yolks to the dough, mix again and start baking pancakes. Serve pancakes with sour cream or jam.

And finally, I'll tell you how to make pancakes. The recipe is simple, and cooking does not take you much time.

Pancakes in a hurry

Ingredients: 200 g of milk, 1 egg, 100 g of butter, 1 tbsp of butter, sugar, salt.

Preparation: Stir the milk with the egg, melted butter, salt, sugar. Half the liquid is poured into the flour, mix well, and then add the rest of the liquid. Once again, stir everything and start frying pancakes in a frying pan greased.

That's all, now you know how to cook pancakes with milk, without using expensive products. Bon Appetit!

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