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How to choose a children's 3-wheel scooter: reviews and tips

Usually parents tend to buy their children the best goods. But the abundance of products sometimes puts in a predicament. Especially if it's not just some kind of toy, but a more expensive acquisition, for example a 3-wheeled scooter.

Why a child scooter

Choosing children's goods, parents want, that they not only gave pleasure, but also were useful. The child is almost always in motion, he learns the world and learns new things. Buying children's transport, you immediately solve several questions.

  • Fascinating leisure. Just imagine how fun it will be for a child to ride with a breeze in the courtyard or park. This is both positive emotions and a good mood.
  • Advantage for development. As children grow, physical activities are simply necessary. Sports activities and active games favorably influence the child's development. 3-wheel scooter promotes the development of balance and coordination of movements, develops almost all muscle groups.

It can be concluded that for active children it is simply an indispensable thing.

At what age is the scooter designed for 3 wheeled children

There is an opinion that it is possible to ride on such a device from the moment the child is interested in them. But still you should not buy a scooter for kids under two years old. They are still poorly balanced, so it will be difficult to cope with management. But after reaching this age, such a purchase will be justified. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of such products for the youngest "drivers". They are safe and take into account all the characteristics of a growing person.

Older children can be offered a 2-wheeled scooter. It will require some skills, since it is unstable without support. It is better to buy it after the child has mastered the 3-wheeled children's scooter.

What kind of scooters are there?

Children's models are usually divided by age. Manufacturers and specify: from 3 to 6 years or from 2 to 4 years. These are the options for the youngest. For older children fit models with adjustable handle. Such transport will be convenient both for the preschool child and for the older child.

For adolescents, advanced models are recommended. They can fold, have greater maneuverability and speed.

Scooters can differ in the size of the wheels. The smaller the wheels, the greater the speed of movement.

How to choose a scooter for a child

In order for the toy to be useful, it is necessary to pay attention to the parameters that a 3-wheel scooter can possess.

  • Housing. It can be metal or plastic. Of course, more solid and durable will be metal. But the smallest drivers will find it difficult to manage such transport. In this case, parents prefer to buy plastic models. With them and children it is easier to cope, and it is easier for parents to transfer if necessary.
  • Brake. Typically, models have a foot brake, which must be pressed with a foot bouncing off the ground. But for novice drivers it is necessary to buy a 3-wheeled scooter, equipped with an additional manual brake. This will create extra comfort for the baby.
  • Wheels. For small children it is better to choose a scooter with large rubber wheels. This will allow you to slowly walk around the yard and not be afraid of pebbles and unevenness on the paths. Older children can choose a product with wheels of smaller diameter made of rubber or rubberized plastic. This will be the best option for high-speed movement on the smooth surface of the sports field.
  • A pen. Not bad, if it is regulated. This will allow the model to be used for a longer time. The handle can be flat - a classic version, or curved - more suitable for sports tricks on special sites.
  • Design. In this matter the right of choice should be given to the child. Children love all kinds of lights and flashers, so you can buy a 3-wheeled scooter, in the wheels of which multi-colored LEDs are built. When riding, they will glow and give additional effect. A rich color scheme and design allows you to choose the right model for both the boy and the girl. It's a matter of taste.

In addition, the scooters can have a solid frame or folding. Of course, the first option may last longer, but there is a storage problem, it will require more space. Scooters with a folding frame are more practical. They are easy to transport and store. It is these features Scooter Scooter 3 wheel.

Which manufacturer of children's products to give preference to

When buying goods for children it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer, because this very often depends on the quality of the product.

Among the foreign suppliers the most popular are Micro, Y Bike, Explore, Kettler. They have excellent quality, but they are not cheap.

If you want to purchase a less expensive model, you should pay attention to the Chinese scooters Disney or the Russian Navigator and MaxCity. They have acceptable quality for low cost.

Of course, you should not buy a low-quality 3-wheeled scooter. Reviews about such products are not the best. These products quickly fail, lose appeal and can be unsafe. And the health and life of the child is the most important thing.

Reviews of parents about children's scooters

  • Many buyers prefer models with a folding frame. But the reviews confirm that such scooters are better to buy from reliable suppliers, despite the high cost. In cheaper versions, the mechanism quickly fails.
  • Parents of two-year-old crumbs often divide, with what pleasure those learn a 3-wheeled scooter. Children's transport for this age should be stable and reliable, so it's better to choose models with three large wheels.
  • According to the parents, it is important that there is a wide platform, especially for younger children.

When choosing a scooter, pay attention to its parameters and quality. This will not worry about the safety of the child and the longevity of the vehicle. Only in this case the walk will bring a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.

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