JFK Airport: overview of one of New York's largest air harbors

For many foreign tourists, the abbreviation JFK is incomprehensible. But any American student will easily decipher it. These are the initials of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States. His name was given to the airport in December 1963, only a month after his murder. But the hub began to serve passengers and cargo much earlier.

Although JFK Airport can not be called the first and oldest hub of New York, it certainly is now the main airfield for receiving guests from abroad. It is one of the largest air hubs in America. In terms of the volume of international passenger and freight traffic, he is the first in the country. And in appearance this hub is like a small town. How here not to be confused? About the airport terminals, its services and services, as well as how to get from it to the city center, read in our article.

A small historical reference

It's hard to imagine, but in the early forties of the last century, where the JFK airport is now working in a strained rhythm, there were magnificent, grass-covered golf courses. This club was called for the elite sports game "Idlewild". At the end of the 40th the main air gates of New York, La Guardia, stopped coping with the growing passenger traffic. To help him and decided to build a new airport.

At first he inherited the name of the golf courses. But the airport of Idlewild lasted less than twenty years. After the murder of John Kennedy, it was decided to name in honor of the President becoming the main air harbor. It happened in December of sixty-three.

Naturally, since that time the airport has been repeatedly rebuilt and modernized according to the requirements of modern aviation. "Gee-Ef-Kay" became the first hub in America, which adopted the giant A-380 airliner. Now this airport serves over fifty-three million travelers a year. And although it is inferior in passenger traffic to the aerial harbors of Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta, G-E-Kay remains the most important aero node in the United States of America.

Where is JFK Airport?

Former golf courses, and now the largest air harbor in New York, is in the Queens area. This is the southeast of the metropolis, but still a feature of the city. The center (the so-called Downtown, which is generally considered Manhattan in New York) is located twelve miles (or twenty kilometers) from the airport. When in 1942 it was decided to build a new airport, the plans were more than modest. It was planned to build one terminal. But after in July 1948 the airport took its first board, they decided to assign it international status.

Now the hub consists of eight terminals. In connection with the growing popularity of the air harbor, the New York authorities were concerned about building a sufficient number of transport routes to it.

How to move between terminals

JFK is the airport that occupies the seventeenth place in the world in terms of congestion. Over 90 airlines use it. And although it has the status of an international one, it also carries out flights around the country.

The airport now has eight terminals. Some of them, especially the Fifth, are masterpieces of modern architectural thought. To see the "Winged Seagull", even organized excursions to the airport, "GIF-Kay." Between the terminals you can move quickly and, most importantly, for free.

In December 2003, the mini-metro "Air-Train" was opened on autopilot. This train stops at all terminals, as well as in large parking lots. But the main advantage of this type of transport is that the "Air-Train" connects with the stations of the ordinary city subway, as well as the long-distance railway station of Long Island.

The services

The main air haven of New York, JFK Airport, meets all standards for international passenger traffic. However, after the terrorist attacks of 2001, security inspection and passport control are very meticulous. This can create queues.

Otherwise, the terminals have everything the traveler needs: currency exchange, storage rooms, ATMs, restaurants, cafes, shops (including duty-free), VAT refund points and much more. True, access to payphone is paid and tangibly hits your pocket: almost eight dollars per hour. In all terminals there are waiting rooms, but some of them look more like shopping centers, consisting of duty-free boutiques. While they get around, there is no time for sitting - do not be late at least for a landing.

Around the terminals there are taxi stops. But in order not to be deceived, just sit in the yellow car. The public taxi operates on the counter, but all the same the trip to the city center will cost you at least forty dollars.

How to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan by public transport

The automatic monorail "AirTrain" will take you to one of two ordinary metro stations for free and quickly. If you need branch A, you need to go to "Howard Beach", and if E, J or Z - on Sutphin Blvd / Archer Av. But at the entrance to the city subway it will be necessary to pay already seven and a half dollars to go further. You can get to JFK airport on commuter trains of Long Island. You should leave at Jamaica station. And from there you can already get to the terminal you need on a free monorail.

There is an opportunity to come to the Central Station by bus company "New York Airport Express." A ticket for a shuttle costs seventeen dollars.

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