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Nekrasovka metro station: construction, location, commissioning time

Moscow is developing very fast, so there is always a shortage of transport. To solve this problem, the city's leadership initiated a grandiose construction. The metro station "Nekrasovka" is located on the newly added to the capital sites of mud. Filtering was performed on these fields. They belonged to the Luberetskaya station, assigned for aeration.

Since 2008, these lands have become habitable, one by one the houses were built. Despite the fact that the area became increasingly distant from agricultural activities, the name "Luberetskie polya" was firmly entrenched in this territory. Let's talk about everything in order.


The idea of creating the second ring of the underground has long worried both residents and the city administration. Finally, from the stage of the plan, the plan went into a state of dynamically developing and promising project. Previously, the station station was planned to be installed in the north of the district.

Then there was a clearer understanding of where the Nekrasovka metro station would be. From the alleged intersection of Friendship Street with Helicopter Street, which were also only in the project on the map, the planning point is moved slightly further to the east.

What is

The metro station "Nekrasovka" was laid not deep, it has columns and has two spans. Passengers take the island platform width of 11.5 meters. Under the ground there are two compartments. Through that of the vestibules that are in the north-west, you can get to the crossing under the ground, which is located below Pokrovskaya Street, which crosses the Prospect of Moscow Defenders.

Each of the sides of the intersection will have ladders along which you can descend. The same of the vestibules, which involves the construction of the metro station "Nekrasovka", which will be located in the southeast of the building, will be connected to Pokrovskaya Street by an underground passage.

All these convenient and modern constructions should be carried out by Mosinzhproekt. The first mind of the team of builders is A. Vigdorov. The creation of an architectural project required a lot of time and thorough preparation, the process was led by S. Karetnikov, the head of the team of authors.

Estimated time to start using the station

Studying the plan, residents of the city are interested in when the metro station "Nekrasovka" opens. The design data itself was released in 2012. In November of the same year, the preparation of the construction site began with enthusiasm. It is worth noting that the construction of the metro station "Nekrasovka" is the first such a large-scale project for the Kozhukhov district.

In February 2013, the benchmark began: in the ground, where in the future they planned to build the newest subway department, they beat the first pile. The process of construction of the metro station "Nekrasovka" is provided by the efforts of OJSC "Bamtonnelstroy". A promising plan of action was outlined, and even the first steps towards achieving the goal were made.

Brick behind the brick was supposed to be born, pass from the drawing to the paper station of the metro station "Nekrasovka". The deadline was set for December 2016. A great gift to the residents who live here. Together with this station they wanted to hand over the Aviamotornaya at the same time.

The spring of 2013 brought changes in the idea of erecting the launch site. We planned a junction on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line from where you can get to where the Nekrasovka metro station will be located.


To date, the organizers are targeting those who are waiting for 2017. Deputy head of the city in the field of urban development, Marat Khusnullin, it was confirmed that next year the project area can work in full force. Fortunately, technological opportunities allow it, and if everything goes according to plan, it's not so long for citizens to wait for the moment when they can ride with pleasure and comfort on a supernova metro.

In life, there are possible force majeures and delays, which will be carefully avoided. In extreme cases, the whole line will be launched in 2018, and then the Nekrasovka metro station will surely please all those who were looking forward to this day.

Why is this project so relevant and important, what is its essential value?

Urgency of the project

The fact is that in the presence of such a profitable transport solution, not one region inhabiting the southeast and east of the capital will be unloaded. If you characterize the work in general, it goes intensively. Every day the project is increasingly approaching its incarnation.

The length of the Kozhukhovskaya branch of the metro promises to be 15,200 m. Since the population of Moscow is plentiful and people settle in areas such as Nekrasovka, it is very important to establish a transport connection of the outskirts with the center, since the overwhelming majority of people work there and every morning must get to offices. The Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya branch has a similar orientation.

The final destination will be the location of the Aviamotornaya station. Here you can change places. In construction, the organizers used the "Spanish" method, according to which, several metro ways could be placed in one tunnel.

About the third transfer loop as a whole

When the third transfer circuit is created, it will be possible to talk about the need to create new jobs. Increase in property prices, located next to the traffic junction. The second ring of the subway in total should have a length of 58 000 m. This is more than a third of the metro stations of the capital, erected recently.

According to the assumptions and forecasts, the whole complex can be delivered in 2019-2020. So declares the official site of urban planning in Moscow. This project should completely change the lives of the inhabitants of the Moscow region, facilitate it, make it more modern and pleasant.

The periphery was closed for a long time for unlimited access, and no one there worked. But in the future it will be possible to create many new vacancies. Everyone dreams of finding a job near the house. Now it will be real.

Positive expectations from construction

The idea of creating such a large-scale and important project was not born yesterday, it ripened, it was prepared, collected data, specialists, funds. The problem of transplantation through Taganskaya Square or Kievsky Station was acute, which was extremely uncomfortable.

The course of construction of the metro station "Nekrasovka" proceeds exactly as the responsible persons would like. If the budget allocated for the project is distributed wisely and there are no natural problems in the course of the work, the plan should be implemented in the most brilliant way.

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