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A brief description of the plot of the animated series "The Glass Mask" (anime)

The main heroine of the anime film "Glass Mask" - Kitajima May - lives with her mother at a small Chinese restaurant. Their family is quite poor, and the young 13-year-old Kitajima works as a courier to pay for the school. The mother of the girl and her friends consider her a burden, a real misfortune that fell on their heads. And all because of what? It is worth the girl to see the scene from the film or an excerpt from the play, and she forgets everything in the world. Kitajima May uncontrollably plunges into emotional experiences of heroes, not noticing anything around, and this more than once led to sad consequences. The girl was famous for forgetfulness and sloppiness, because because of her unusual love for the cinema she constantly forgot to eat her dinner or accidentally smacked the plate off the table.

A significant meeting

So would Kitajima May live, not knowing what extraordinary talent she possessed, she would not meet once with Tsukikage Tigus. This accidental meeting changed her life beyond recognition. Tsukihaga is a well-known actress in the past, and now a woman with a disfigured face takes Kitajima May under her care. Experienced in acting, she sees in the girl a rare talent, an uncut diamond, so she agrees to take her to her school of theatrical art. It turns out that after watching the plays only once, Kitajima can remember everything from the first to the last word and easily transform into any of the seen characters. It is simply created for playing on the stages of the best theaters of the country. Tigusa helps the girl to know all theatrical secrets, but sometimes she is too strict with little Maya.

The thorny path of Mai

Great talent is a heavy load! "Glass Mask" is an anime that reveals the whole essence of this expression. Maya suffered enough because of her gift, and after all, one talent for success is not enough, you still have to work hard to become a real actress. Tigus and May together come to the warpath with all life's difficulties, so that eventually the last one turns out to be an actress, able to play the role of the Crimson Goddess. But she is not the only candidate for this place. The theater school is full of talented people, the girl will have to compete for the title of the best. The production of the play "The Crimson Goddess" is a great event in the theatrical world, and, of course, Tsigikaga Tigusa is not the only one who wants to put this work. Competitors from another school of actors enter into competition with her for the right to participate in the production. In addition to the main theme of the theater, the anime talks about real sublime love. The plot of the cartoon "Glass Mask" has unexpected twists, is not devoid of romance, sadness, laughter and humor. The merit of the creators: the director, animators, composer - can be considered an impressive atmosphere of anime-tape. Only their diligence series after watching leaves a pleasant aftertaste and bright pleasant impressions. As you can see, the "Glass Mask" is not just another fairy tale about Cinderella. This is a story that has much in common with the life of each of us. Therefore, it is quite possible that soon the country's cinemas will open the doors, inviting to watch the anime "Glass Mask 2".

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