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Christine Milioti: Biography and Career

One of the most famous actresses of the Broadway Theater is Christine Milioti. Also famous for the role of Tracy in the comedy series "How I Met Your Mother". She is also known as a singer.


Christine was born on the sixteenth of August 1985 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. At the moment, the actress is 31 years old.

Enthusiasm for the theater came to her in school years, later she was engaged in acting at the University of New York. As once admitted Christine Milioti, she was not very diligent student. Her career began with commercials commercials.

The theatrical career began in 2007 with the production of "Devil's Apprentice", which became a debut for Milioti. In 2010, the novice actress participated in the productions of "Faces" and "Stunning". For the last she was nominated for a prize. A year later, Christine Milioti appeared in the lead role in the production of "Once." For her, she received a nomination for the Tony Award, and she was awarded the prestigious Grammy Award.


On television, the actress appeared sporadically. She made her debut in the movie in 2006, starring in the television series Three Pounds.

In 2013, Christine Milioti appeared in the eighth season of the television series "How I Met Your Mother" as Tracey's mom. In the next ninth season, it was fixed in the main cast.

In the same year, Chris appeared in the film of the American film director Martin Charles Scorsese "The Wolf from Wall Street."

In 2014, the actress received a major role in the romantic series "From A to Z", and in 2015 played Betsy Solverson in the tragicomedy series "Fargo".

Between the most famous works of Chris were small roles in the series "Good wife", "Greetings from the coast", "Sister Jackie", "The Epoch of Seduction", "One Million for Dummies" and others. The series and films with Kristin Milioti refer to the genre of comedy, drama, crime.

The career of the actress is just beginning. We hope that she has many worthy roles and awards ahead of her.

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