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How to find out if you need a passport to Belarus.

Belarus - or Belarus, as the present official name of the country says, has recently become a fashionable tourist destination for Russian citizens. Citizens of various CIS countries also frequently enter this country - on business or visit relatives. Moreover, this country borders with Russia and Ukraine, it is easy to get here not only by plane, but by train and even by bus, which makes the trip very cheap, and, in addition, for Russian and Ukrainian citizens there are simplified rules for entry. Nevertheless, the network circulates a lot of conflicting information about whether you need a passport to Belarus. Therefore, let's try to understand this issue.

Entry to Belarus for citizens of Russia, Ukraine and many CIS countries is facilitated primarily by the fact that they do not need an entry visa, and this fact is recognized by all. However, the information on whether a foreign passport is necessary to Belarus is somewhat contradictory. Quite often, various thematic forums on foreign travel give the answer that the citizens of Russia do not need a foreign passport , and even that when entering Belarus, the citizens of Russia do not need any document at all, since to visit this country for them is the same as leaving for the neighboring region . Many refer to personal experience and the fact that border control between Russia and Belarus does not actually exist.

Since close ties exist between the residents of Russia and Belarus, the question of whether a foreign passport is necessary to enter Belarus after concluding an agreement on the formation of the Union State has become one of the central ones. As a result of this treaty, border control between the two countries was abolished, and all controlling bodies between the Russian Federation and Belarus were liquidated. In addition, there is a special agreement that provides that citizens of Russia and Belarus have equal rights in the territories of both countries to move freely (that is, without issuing a visa and filling out a migration card), and not only to enter and leave, but also to Choose a place of residence on the territory of their countries. The same applies to the situation with the movement of transit in Belarus, however, if you are to travel to another country through the territory of Belarus, do not even ask about whether you need a passport to Belarus. You will need it to enter the country where you are going.

However, we can not say that a trip to Belarus does not require you to have any document at all. Despite the fact that when you enter the country by train, in most cases you just have to sleep in one country and wake up in another, the legislation of Belarus requires the presence of an identity document - that is, either a passport of a Russian citizen or a foreign passport. In addition, such a document will be required when settling into a hotel, as well as when renting a car - after all, traveling by car, rented is considered one of the best options for traveling around the country. The passport will also be needed to visit the bank or resolve other issues. But you have to choose for yourself which document you will take with you, and whether you need a foreign passport for a trip to Belarus for you.

As for foreign citizens, including those who are on the territory of Russia, the problem of whether a foreign passport is needed in Belarus depends on each individual country of residence. Citizens of Ukraine, for example, as well as Russians, need to have an internal passport - and overseas only at will. After all, stamps in the passport are not put. At the same time, if citizens of Ukraine enter Belarus from Russia, as a rule, they also do not check any documents. The same requirements exist for citizens of most CIS countries. The remaining foreign citizens should not only carry a passport, but also to issue a visa in accordance with consular requirements.

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