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Dry mixes "Knauf". Variety of species and their application

Dry mixtures "Knauf" are popular in Russia and CIS countries. This German company is well known all over the world. The product range of this manufacturer is very diverse:

  • Plaster (including decorative);
  • Putty;
  • Floors are liquid;
  • Adhesive tile ;
  • Compositions for application, etc.

Dry building mixes "Knauf" are made from the modified powder with addition of specialized components. They can be selected in accordance with the work on construction.

Dry mixtures "Knauf" produce only from high-quality raw materials, corresponding to GOST. All the company's products comply with the norms of sanitation, so it can be used in the construction or repair of any living quarters, without fear of harming human health.

Knauf dry mixtures: scope

The plaster of the company on a gypsum base is used for high-quality plastering of surfaces with a solid base and expanded polystyrene. Most suitable for working with smooth concrete surfaces. These dry mixes "Knauf" are used for finishing rooms with medium humidity, as well as in bathrooms and kitchens.

"Knauf - MP75" is used inside the building, plastering is carried out by machine. It is applied to all solid bases (brick, cement, concrete, etc.).

Knauf-Goldband stucco is used for manual processing of walls with a strong and solid base (brick, cement, porous and dense concrete), as well as polystyrene surfaces. It is recommended for use where high-quality finishing should be performed as soon as possible.

Dry mixes "Knauf" on the basis of cement

For all types of work is designed plaster "Knauf-Grundband." This is the treatment of the surfaces of facades of buildings, ceilings and walls in wet rooms, bases of silicate and ceramic bricks, foam, gas, lightweight clay blocks for subsequent application of decorative coatings on them.

Knauf-Untermputz is used for external and internal plastering. It is applied either manually or with the use of solution-mixing pumps.

In those places where the dynamic loads are increased or the groundwater effect is observed, Knauf-Zokelutz is applied.

Dry mixtures "Sevener" are used:

- when performing work on the external thermal insulation of premises for gluing to walls heat insulation panels made of mineral wool or polystyrene foam with subsequent application of a protective layer with a fiberglass mesh on them;

- for repair of cracked (old) facades of buildings.

Gypsum based and polymer based putty is also produced, which is no less popular when performing construction work. This is the paste "Multi-Finish" and paste "Knauf Rothband", which are used before painting or wallpapering to coat the walls and ceilings, as well as to seal the joints.

They also produce cement and cement based mortar for leveling concrete surfaces and cement plasters on the facades of any buildings and in those areas where humidity is increased to fill the holes during repair.

Masonry mixtures, adhesives and screeds have found wide application in construction.

Dry mixtures "Knauf" are of high quality, have excellent performance characteristics and reasonable price.

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