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Dog with his own hands: cheap and reliable

Most of those who have a pet are treated like a family member. Good owners take responsibility for a fluffy or feathered friend, take care of him, try to please his favorite delicacies and equip the place of residence.

He also needs a beautiful home

Dogs who bear proudly the service of guarding their master and his private home are required to build a booth. There are quite ordinary buildings, but there are real houses from several rooms. To make the "mansion" for your pet as comfortable and beautiful as possible, we offer an interesting option: a two-room doghouse made with own hands. In this building there is a bed and a terrace. In addition to the place for rest and sleep, there is a place where the dog will breathe fresh air, without going outside, even if it pours rain. A good owner will take care that his pet gets the most comfortable living conditions, which also have the purpose of tempering the body.

Remove dimensions

The building should not be cramped. Therefore, before you start building, you need to know the size of the pet:

  • Width of the chest;
  • Height at the withers;
  • The distance from the nose to the beginning of the tail;
  • Growth of a dog.

To do this, take an ordinary ruler. To the growth of the dog add another 20 cm. These are the sizes that should be enough for comfortable living of the dog. You can do more, but this is at the request of the owner.

  • To get a spacious doghouse, you need to make a measurement of the depth of your future home. After all, the dog must turn, go to full height (counting and paws, too). To the length of the dog should be added 15 cm.
  • The width for the "bedroom" room will also be the size of the dog from the tip of the nose to the beginning of the tail, taking into account the increase in the received parameters of 15 cm.

The old kind tree

To a dog house, made by own hands, served the pet for a long time, we recommend using a tree as a building material. Edged board is optimal. The boards must be waterproof, so they need to be painted. For those who live in a region with a cold climate, it is better to make a warmth box, with double walls, between which is laid felt, an old unwanted fabric or cotton wool. A good husk from rice or sawdust from wood serves as a good heater.


The dimensions are produced, the material is prepared, the base is ready. Now you can proceed to the roof for a structure called "dog house". With their hands on the created rooms (sleeping bag and terrace), an ordinary roof is erected, for which slate, roofing material or any other roofing material is suitable.

Very important!

Important trifles, which are useful when dogs can be built with their own hands without the experience of construction.

  1. Flooring is 10-12 cm above the ground, to avoid cooling.
  2. Inside, make skirting boards.
  3. It is desirable that the structure is collapsible, then it will be convenient to clean it.
  4. At the entrance to the building make a flooring of the boards.
  5. The presence of the door (when the weather rages bad weather, the dog will be pleased in a warm room without drafts). The door can be made from a piece of tarpaulin, which is cut by the parameters of the hole in the booth and fixed on top.

These are the main points that you should know when building a house for your shaggy security guard. Let the booth, with their own hands for the "friend" built, will not only be his new residence, but also your pride.

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