Choose Woolen Plaid - Buy For Heat And Comfort.

How to choose a woolen blanket for warmth and comfort?

On cold winter evenings, when it's still dark in the morning, and it's already dark in the evening, and frost and blizzard outside the window, when you come home you want warmth, comfort and comfort. Brewing a cup of tea and sitting with a book, in front of a computer or a TV set, you wrap yourself in your favorite warm and comfortable blanket. And how do you choose exactly such a woolen blanket that you associate with comfort, comfort and warmth?

The best rug, will be a plaid of wool . Woolen plaid can be bought in our online store. Only wool is better than other materials that keeps heat, ensures good air circulation and absorbs a sufficient amount of moisture. What kinds of wool are rugs made from?

The most common type of wool for the production of blankets is the usual sheep wool. This is not surprising because it is sheep's wool, one of the first, a man adapted to his needs. At the moment, the world produces about 300 tons of wool per year. Depending on the quality and purity of the resulting wool, it is used in the manufacture of various products. More coarse wool is used in the manufacture of felt or carpets. Of softer wool, clothes, blankets, blankets, blankets , etc. are made.

On the second place on popularity there is a merino wool or a wool from sheep of breed merino. Due to the thin 13-20 microns, fibers, merino wool does not allow to freeze in the cold and will not allow you to overheat in the heat. A woolen plaque of merino (plaid merino) blends perfectly with moisture and is capable of absorbing up to 1/3 of its weight, so that it almost always remains dry.

Wool of alpaca or as it is called in another way - the South American lama. Plaid of alpacas are more expensive than "ordinary sheep" and plaids of merino wool, but they have additional advantages and properties. On rugs from alpaca do not appear "katyshki", rugs from wool of alpaca are more resistant to abrasion and therefore will last you longer. In comparison with sheep's wool, alpaca wool is more rigid and so that its products do not turn out soft, it is often used in combination with other types of wool.

Plaid of camel wool - the most expensive, but they are more valuable, convenient and even more useful. Blankets are made from camel's undercoat or as it is called - from camel's down. It is twice as thick as the sheep wool and at the same time is not inferior to them by its characteristics. Due to the large content of lanolin (animal fat) in camel wool, such rugs perfectly relieve pain in muscles and joints, soothe and normalize pressure, relieve headaches. Even small children with colic apply a small piece of hair to the tummy. Camel plaids are only natural shades - from light beige, sandy to brown and marsh, as camel's wool practically does not lend itself to coloring.

Having bought a plaid of wool , you will not have much difficulty in caring for it. You can buy a wool plaid on our website - http://cozyplace.ru You can choose a cozy, warm and beautiful woolen blanket and learn how to take care of it so that it has served you for a long time and pleased you with its warmth, and your interior with its beauty !!

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