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Change the shell for a golden crust. Cooking shrimp in batter

The French word "claret", meaning "liquid", gives grounds to assume that the dishes in batter were invented by the French and, probably, for a very long time. Liquid dough used as a kind of enveloping breading for pieces of meat, fish, vegetables, seafood, fruits, gives a special piquant taste and original appearance to any dish. A crispy golden shell made of batter, deep fried, like a shell covers a piece of meat, fish or any other product, preserving its juiciness, softness and tenderness.

In eastern countries, such an enveloping crust of dough is called tempura. It is interesting that the Portuguese missionaries taught the dishes in tempura of the Japanese and Chinese, almost in the sixteenth century, and the Portuguese adopted the liquid batter recipe, most likely the same French people who are undoubtedly the trendsetters not only in clothes, but also In cooking.

Eastern chefs in Tempura fry basically pieces of fish, meat, seafood and fruits. Tempura for breading is prepared in a special way, different from the preparation of traditional batter. For example, to cook shrimp in Tempura, you need to take an egg, a little flour and a quarter of a glass of very cold water. All products are slightly ground with a wooden spatula before dissolving the flour and until the consistency of thick sour cream. Then, the prepared tempura is dipped with peeled shrimp and fried in large amounts of fat in a pan, deep fryer or in a frying pan. Traditionally, shrimps in tempura are served with sweet and sour sauce or wasabi.

As for the classic French batter, the art of its preparation consists in a certain sequence of mixing the constituent ingredients, as well as in observing the necessary proportions. The composition of the batter must include flour and liquid (most often water, but there may be beer or water mixed with wine), which are supplemented with various flavor additives. It can be: butter, egg, milk or cream, salt or sugar. When adding eggs, it is important to follow the order of their introduction into batter for batter. First, the protein is separated from the yolk, each component is beaten separately, after which a whipped yolk is added to the batter, which is mixed with flour, and the whitened protein is added at the very last.

Shrimp in batter are prepared in different ways. Boil them before breading should not be, but there are recipes in which shrimp in batter is marinated for five minutes in a spicy marinade, prepared from lemon juice mixed with salt and pepper, or from soy sauce with the addition of olive oil and spices to taste.

Gluten is always recommended to cook in advance and keep for about an hour in the fridge, then after frying the dough crust will be tender and crispy. In addition, the shell of a well-beaten and liquid batter will be much more tender and crisper than when it has a more dense and viscous structure. So, we prepare the shrimp for the shrimps, consisting of flour, beer and eggs. Take a light beer (about half a glass), mix it with flour (one or two tablespoons without a slide), add a little salt and beaten egg. All products are well mixed. It should be a liquid, like sour cream, dough. We put it in the refrigerator. Preparing the shrimp. Large shrimps, better royal, are cleaned from the shell, sprinkled with lemon juice and sprinkled with salt and pepper. To keep the duck stick well and not stack off the shrimp's body, roll it in flour or starch. We string the shrimp's body on the fork, lower it into the cooled batter, and then into the boiling fat. After the shell of the batter has acquired a smooth golden hue, we take the shrimp out of the fat and put it on a paper napkin in order that the extra fat from it is stacked. Finished slightly dried from fat shrimp in batter put on a dish and served guests.

As a rule, meat, fish or shrimp in batter - this is quite a full dish and a good snack for beer or wine. Instead of a side dish to dishes in batter, it is good to serve a variety of sauces, which will successfully complement and shade their taste.

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