Candles "Terzhinan" with breastfeeding: instruction

During lactation, as in pregnancy, the unauthorized use of any medication is prohibited. Most drugs enter the breast milk, they can harm the baby. But what if the treatment is still required? Whether it is necessary to stop a lactemia or it is possible without fear to spend therapy? In today's article we will talk about the use of the drug "Terzhinan" with breastfeeding. The instruction will be presented to your attention.

Description of the medicine and its effect

Before using the drug "Terzhinan" with breastfeeding, you need to learn more about it. What is included in the preparation and how does it work?

According to the instructions, the drug has antimicrobial, antiprotozoal, antifungal action. It also removes inflammation. The drug is used in gynecology for the treatment of many diseases. Often "Terzhinan" is prescribed in complex therapy. A medicament with a volume of 6 and 10 suppositories-tablets is produced. They include substances that determine the action of the drug:

  • Ternidazole (effective against fungi, anaerobic microorganisms, and gardnerell);
  • Neomycin (an antibacterial agent with a broad spectrum of action);
  • Nystatin (an antifungal agent with antibacterial activity;
  • Prednisolog (corticosteroid, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect).

Can I use Terzhinan during breastfeeding?

It is not worth it to use medicament during lactation (as well as without it). The medicine should be assigned to you by a specialist, according to the testimony. These include:

  • Bacterial and fungal vaginitis;
  • Trichomoniasis;
  • thrush;
  • Inflammatory processes;
  • 3-4 degree of purity of the vagina.

The drug is also used for the prevention (for sanitation). "Terzhinan" is prescribed before and after surgical and diagnostic interventions, installation of the IUD, abortion. If you consider contraindications, then you will not find data on lactation. Does this mean that you can use Terzhinan suppositories when breastfeeding? Yes, this medication is often prescribed by doctors. It is believed that it acts locally, without penetrating into breast milk.

The way candles are used for nursing mothers

How correctly to use "Terzhinan"? When breastfeeding the medication is prescribed according to the standard scheme: one tablet per day. Please note that the drug has a single way of administration: vaginal. If you take the medicine orally, then not only do harm to your child, but you will also earn poisoning yourself. Therefore, carefully read the instructions before using Terzhinan.

When breastfeeding the medication is used from 6 to 20 days. The minimum course is appointed for preventive purposes. Standard treatment is carried out within 10 days. If necessary, the doctor prolongs the therapy for another 10 days. But this requires certain conditions (for example, confirmation of mycosis in a nursing woman).

Before you enter the tablet, you need to hold it for several seconds under the running water. This condition is optional, but desirable. So the medicine will act faster. Enter the medication with clean hands as deep as possible into the vagina. After that, stay in the horizontal position for another 15-20 minutes. Use daily pads so that the medicine does not stain the underwear when it flows out.

How to protect the baby as much as possible?

Many women are afraid to use the "Terzhinan" candles during lactation. When breastfeeding, you can enter a medication with maximum safety for your baby. How can this be done? There is one secret.

Choose the longest period when you do not put the baby to your chest. Most likely, it will be night. If your baby sleeps throughout the night and does not ask for a breast, it will be just a plus. Complete the evening feeding and insert the pill immediately. By the morning in your body will remain the minimum of active substances. This means that the risk of getting the drug to the baby will tend to zero.

Additional information for lactating women

The drug "Terzhinan" (with breastfeeding) reviews is only good. Doctors say that this is one of the safest antibiotics, which have anti-inflammatory and antifungal activity. It acts directly in the vagina. Only insignificant doses fall into the blood. The drug is actively used among pregnant and lactating women. No cases of toxic effects on the child have been recorded.

Often the drug is given after childbirth. Can it be used if the lochia has not yet ended? Is it permissible to administer a medicine if a lactating woman has a sudden menstruation (which is not uncommon in HBV)? In all these situations, the use of Terginan candles is permissible. Despite the discharge, the medicine still gets into the body and affects the necessary areas. If you use spermicide formulations as a contraceptive, then for the duration of treatment it is worthwhile to be. Give preference to barrier contraception, which also prevents re-infection.

It is not recommended to use "Terzhinan" candles and at the same time to drink alcohol. Ethanol will minimize the therapeutic effect and increase the likelihood of kidney pathologies. In addition, a nursing woman is not allowed to drink alcohol.


From the article you learned about the effective and safe antibacterial agent "Terzhinan". During breastfeeding, it is often prescribed. If you still have doubts about the safety of the drug for the baby, you can interrupt lactation at the time of treatment. Remember that it is necessary to express breast milk. Otherwise, during the treatment period, it will simply go away or its production will decrease significantly. Be sure to discuss this issue with the doctor. Good luck!

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