An abscess on the finger? A special compress will help!

When he starts to dig a finger, you absolutely do not know what to do. Visit a doctor? But the problem seems too insignificant to get out of work and attend doctors' consultations. Indeed, the problem is not so great if you did not "launch" the process of rotting by the lack of treatment. Therefore, in this article we will look at ways how to heal yourself at different stages, if there is an abscess on your finger.

* Despite the simplicity of the methods listed below, it is highly recommended that you contact your doctor before using them.

Understand the causes

Before you start treatment, you need to understand why this happened. Moreover, if the abscess on the toe often occurs, then there is a constant reason in this, which is not systematically eliminated. Tired of periodic suppuration, you can be afraid that "something is wrong in the body," and this requires global medical examinations. Although most often an abscess on the finger is the result of prosaic actions, which can be easily eliminated without medical intervention.

First of all, close shoes help this problem. If it is worn constantly, the toes are in a compressed state, and the nails can crash into a soft cloth. Given the lack of sterility in this area, it is not surprising that there is an infection, and as a result, the skin begins to rot.

  • To prevent the occurrence of pathological processes, you need to wear more loose shoes made of soft leather. This will not only improve walking comfort, but also help to avoid damage to the skin on the toes.

An incorrectly cut nail is another reason that an abscess on the finger can occur. Therefore, a pedicure should be done after taking a bath, when the nail plates are dodgy. Particular attention should be given to the corners of the nails, because they are most often left unattended, and then grow into the skin.

  • If you are not able to do the pedicure correctly, consult a specialist, because a healthy condition is worth it to spend extra time and money. After you see how it is done by the master, then you will be able to properly care for the nail area on your toes at home.

How to make a bandage-compress for the treatment of abscesses

We have already learned how to prevent the problem. The next stage is treatment. If you have a finger digging, what to do tells Vishnevsky's ointment.

This is a very old and already proven method many times. Usually, the abscess goes away after a few days, after you start using it. The method has no contraindications except for possible allergic reactions to components.

So, the already appeared abscess on the finger is treated with the help of a compress. Next, a step-by-step description of how and when to apply it.

Ingredients and tools: a sterile bandage 20-25 cm long, a cotton swab, a piece of cellophane, Vishnevsky ointment.

  1. Take a piece of bandage, folded into a small square, which is slightly larger than the area of inflammation.
  2. Apply to it a thick layer with a cotton swab Vivshnevsky ointment.
  3. Place on the infection area, then cover the gauze with a piece of cellophane, so that the medicine does not soak. The fact is that the ointment has an unpleasant, specific smell, and so that things do not smell to them, it should not soak through the bandage that will hold the compress.
  4. To fix with a bandage the constructed structure: it is necessary to tighten not too strongly, so as not to disturb the blood circulation, but also not weakly, so that the compress does not move or shoot.
  5. The procedure is preferably done at night.
  6. In the morning remove the compress, treat hands and infected area with alcohol 96%. Lightly press on the inflammation, and if a breakthrough occurs, help the body to get rid of pus.
  7. Apply the compress until completely cured. If it does not have any positive effect, you need to consult a surgeon.

A similar procedure can be done with aloe. Then instead of the ointment will be on the bandage the flesh of the flower, which has antibacterial properties.

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