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A few recommendations on how to divorce a wife if there are children

As the statistics show, every third family, not having lived in marriage and three years, is filing for divorce. Those who are especially seriously concerned about the issue of how to divorce their wife, if there are children, should know that at the moment the above procedure is as simple as possible.

To become free from conjugal duties, it is enough only one desire from the side of a husband or wife. If the young family did not have time to have children, then the divorce is carried out as quickly as possible.

However, many representatives of the stronger sex are interested in the question of how to divorce his wife if there are children. From the point of view of jurisprudence, there are certain nuances and subtleties in which ordinary people can not understand sometimes, therefore professional legal assistance may be required.

The psychological aspect of divorce proceedings

Psychologists advise during the divorce process to forget about personal emotions and exercise restraint and calmness.

Considering the question of how to divorce a wife, if there are children, it is important to remember the following: in no case should the interests of the latter be infringed. For a child, the divorce of parents is the same stress as for adults, and he should not suffer from this in any way.

So, let's move on to the practical side of the question. How to get divorced from a wife if there are children?

The legal aspect of divorce proceedings

In the event that the family has a child under the age of one year, the father will simply not be able to divorce the court. Only after the baby is older, the father can begin to make a claim for divorce. And it is important to note that the legislator obliges to carry out the above procedure solely in a judicial procedure.

It should be emphasized that the claim to the father should be filed in the court where the respondent resides. In some cases, you can divorce with the presence of children in a judicial body located at the place of residence of the plaintiff. Parallel to this, the court decides on the maintenance obligations: a parent who will live apart from the child will provide him with material support until he reaches the age of eighteen.

The question of who will be involved in the upbringing of underage children is decided solely on the basis of their wishes and preferences, on the basis of the moral qualities of the pope and mother, as well as the circumstances of which of them can create better conditions for the life of the children, and so on.

If you want to know how quickly to divorce your wife, then the answer is one: this can be done if there are no children.

With whom will the child remain after the parents' divorce?

It should also be noted that in most cases after the divorce the child remains to live with the mother, if, of course, she leads a normal life. However, this does not mean that the father will not take part in the life of the child, take care of him and spend time with him, since the legislator has given the spouses equal rights in the upbringing of offspring. And here the paramount importance is the personal qualities of mother and father, namely: the ability to find a common language with each other, to create their own children the most comfortable conditions for psychophysical development, even despite the fact that one parent lives separately from the other.

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