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Aquapark in Orenburg: when is the opening?

Orenburg is a fairly large city, in which there is a large number of cultural and entertainment facilities. But still its inhabitants do not have all the desirable possibilities for organizing leisure. For example, its center of water attractions in the city until recently was not. The nearest large aqua complex with slides and accompanying entertainments is in Magnitogorsk. Rumors and news that very soon a new water park will appear in Orenburg, excite the public long enough. Is it true?

The construction of the century

Construction of a new large shopping and entertainment center (at 71 Salmyshskaya Street) was started several years ago. The complex is amazing on its own scale. It is here that the first water park in Orenburg, as well as hypermarkets, shops, a cinema with several halls, catering establishments and other shopping and entertainment facilities, should open. The name of the complex - "Kit", the water amusement park in it will be called "Tortuga".

Aquapark project

The water entertainment center will be located on two floors. In its territory visitors will be able to: 13 pools, 5 adult slides, a children's play area. A unique water park in Orenburg can be called from a constructive point of view. For the sake of saving the usable area inside the building, some of the descents are carried out beyond its perimeter. Especially bright and unusual looks the facade of the building, braided with multi-colored giant pipes. Inside, in addition to the entertainment zone, there will also be saunas, cafes, locker rooms, showers and storage rooms. Aquapark "Tortuga" (Orenburg) will become the largest and most modern in the whole Volga Federal District. All residents of the Orenburg region, as well as neighboring regions are eagerly awaiting the commissioning of this facility.

New water park in Orenburg: when is the opening?

Originally, a new center of water attractions was promised to be delivered by the spring of 2014. Then the terms were postponed for the summer, and later for 2015. During this time, the contractor was changed, different reasons for moving the commissioning date were announced. The last promises to open "Tortuga" date from 2016. According to one of the versions, in the middle of the construction there were found problems with pouring the foundation, and a considerable part of the work had to be altered, on the other - defects in the project of the complex were revealed. There are other explanations for the violation of the timing: the problems of financing and the instability of the foreign exchange market. The latest version seems to be one of the most realistic, since almost all the equipment inside the complex will be manufactured in Europe. Today we can say that the long-term construction is slowly but surely transformed. And this means that it is too early to include Tortuga in the list of unrealized large-scale projects.

Expected prices and conditions of visit

The water amusement park should become a super-modern complex, designed for families. A variety of attractions for adults and children will not allow boredom for a guest of any age. The complex will offer additional services, for today it is precisely known that in "Tortuga" it will be possible to steam in the sauna, have a snack and visit the SPA-salon. Owners of the water park hope that this place will appeal to the citizens, and many will regularly visit it with children, choose for personal holidays and weekends. This object can be called socially oriented. Even at the stage of laying the foundation of the future entertainment center, city administration officials talked about organizing a visit to the park of water attractions by orphaned children and being brought up in needy families. According to the authorities, it is very important that every child in the region can visit a new water park in Orenburg. Prices for visiting the complex have not been predicted yet, and the expected type of charging for guests is not being discussed. The city is looking forward to the opening of the water park, and many of its residents claim that they at least once go to this place, even if the entrance fee is significantly overstated.

Does Orenburg need water amusement park?

To date, there is no large water park in the entire Orenburg region. The inhabitants of the region who want to ride on water attractions, there are two options: to be content with mini-slides in the pools of saunas and hotel complexes or to organize trips to aqua-complexes that are several hundred kilometers away. At the same time, there is interest in society for this kind of entertainment. If the new water park in Orenburg does open, it will be very popular, experts say. It should be noted that "Tortuga" is not the first project of a major center of water entertainment in this region. In 2010, they planned to build a water park on Novaya Street, but the construction was frozen at the initial stages. Today, residents of Orenburg show great interest in any news about Tortuga and look forward to the opening of the complex.

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