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X-Men, Rogue: actress, photo, abilities

Since the 1980s, Rogue for a long time was one of the favorite and permanent members of the X-Men. She is present in video games and TV shows about the X-Men. Also this character was one of the key in the film "X-Men." The role of the girl was played by actress Anna Pakuin. Rouge took the 5th place in the ranking of the "25 Best X-Men".

First meeting

Everyone knows the X-Men. Rogue is one of their members. She is a very bright and active character. The real name is unknown, but there are a couple of pseudonyms (Anna Maria, Roug). The character was created by artist Michael Golden and writer Chris Claymont. For the first time Rogue appeared in Avengers Annual No. 10 of August 1981. Rogue represents the forces of good. She has beautiful green eyes, straight fair-haired hair with a white strand. The girl weighs 67 kg, and her height is 174 cm. Rogue is married to Gambit, who also represents the forces of good.


Like all X-Men, Rogue also has a story that began in Caldecott - the invented state of Mississippi. The girl's parents got married while still very young. Priscilla and Owen were hippies. Lovers were poor, but happy. The daughter was born to them in the ordinary commune, in which they were forced to live. Despite the fact that this marriage was very fragile, the mother was very fond of her baby. People from the hippie movement were very interested in the ancient magic of the American Indians. They found a trusted shaman, who was persuaded to find a magical place ("Far shores"), helping to fulfill desires. Unfortunately, the mother of the girl went missing during the secret ritual. The father gave the baby to be brought up by Priscilla's sister, Kerry. Aunt Carrie was strict and too cold with Anna Maria because of the loss of her sister. This did not prevent the girl from growing up to be a wayward, active and independent person. Because of the difficult relationship with Kerry and her father, the girl at a young age leaves home. Soon she begins to use the pseudonym Rogue. The X-people (the photo of the heroine is listed in the article) did not yet meet the girl, she led the vagrancy way of life until the Mystic did not adopt her. The mystic belonged to the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Acquaintance with force

Rogue learns about his abilities with the guy Cody Robbins. Young people flirted and were in love with each other. During the first kiss, the girl's abilities begin to manifest on her boyfriend. After this tragic kiss, Cody falls into a coma from which he was not destined to come out. This case greatly frightens the young girl, she begins to feel like an outcast. In order not to harm people around her, she starts wearing closed clothes. Over time, Mystic, deftly manipulating the girl, directs her repressed emotions into anger. Rogue becomes a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.


What abilities can the X-Men boast of? Rogue, whose abilities are very strong, can hit any creature with one touch. She will take away all the strength from her victim, and maybe her memory. The abilities of this character have some limitations. If some forces of the victim have a mental character, then it can use them without hindrance. If the abilities are not connected with thinking activity and require any technologies or artifacts, Rogue can not use them, but it is easy to take away. The effect of touching the beauty can cause the victim to temporarily lose memory or a strong shock. In order to protect surrounding creatures, Rogue wears special gloves. The girl has the ability of Miss Marvel after their conflict on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Perception of self

Who does not know the X-Men? Rogue - one of the most striking characters. She, just like the rest of the mutants, believes that her unusual abilities are a curse and bring only evil. Recall that her ability lies in the ability, through physical contact with a person, to take away his mental energy and acquire for himself memory, skills, strength and energy. When touched with living flesh, the process of absorbing energy begins on its own, so Rogue tries to avoid people and other creatures. It is important that this force applies to everyone: other mutants, aliens and ordinary people. Hence, one of her pseudonyms - Rogue, which in translation means "outcast", originates.

With unfamiliar characters, she keeps boldly and arrogantly. With friends and familiar surroundings, Rogue behaves even too uninhibited. Because of her courage and ambition, she is one of the most attractive characters. Charming girl was born in Mississippi, for which she received the nickname "Beauties from the South".

Evil Mutants

The mystic is not such a good acquaintance. After Rogue discovered her abilities, she became the center of interest for various warring parties. The mystic forces the girl to take part in various operations of Evil Mutants. Initially, Rogue persistently refused this, wanting to return to the normal life of a young girl. The case with Cody changed her mind, as she began to think about the limits of her abilities, and also about the place for her in society. These thoughts made Rogue become a puppet in the hands of the Mystic. At this time Anna Maria gets to know a mutant named Blind Spot - a girl who knows how to erase memory. She somehow manages not to succumb to the powers of Rogue, because of the girl they become close friends. When the Mystic decides to get rid of the Blind Spot, she decides to erase her memory in order to save her friend Rogue. The circumstances are such that Rogue herself loses her memory.

Miss Marvel

Fate (a mutant woman) predicts the future of Rogue, which is that she faces a danger in the face of Miss Marvel. In order not to sit idly by, Roug herself starts looking for meetings with her. The first collision occurs on the Golden Gate Bridge, where the girl purposely touches Carol, seizing her power. Suddenly Miss Marvel savior is the Spider-Woman. After this incident, Rogue loses peace, tormented by doubts and feelings of guilt. Confused in himself and his memory, Rogue asks for help from Dr. Charles Xavier. Soon Rogue leaves the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and becomes a member of the X-Men. The second meeting with Miss Marvel occurs when Carol expresses a desire to join the X-Men.


We all know the trilogy "X-Men". Rogue (the actress who played it) looks very impressive in the film. The role was given to the actress from Canada Anne Pakuin, who has already been awarded the prestigious Oscar. She starred in the entire trilogy of the movie "X-Men." Rogue (2000 - the first part of the trilogy) organically blended into all three paintings. Colleagues Anna Pakuin on the set were known actors such as Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman.

Anna Paquin in the movie "X-Men"

Rogue in the film trilogy "X-Men" was played by the New Zealand actress Anna Pakuin. On the film, she is in love with Iceberg. In the tape, Rogue leaves home after an occasional kiss makes a guy fall into a coma for three weeks. She goes to drink in the bar, where she meets Wolverine. Soon they are attacked by a mutant called Sabretooth, which causes Rogue and Wolverine to enter Dr. Xavier's office. It turns out that Magneto is trying to build an apparatus that would turn people into mutants, but this is not so easy. First, the human body rejects changes, and secondly for this, the forces of Magneto are needed. Having learned about the unusual abilities of Rogue, he decides to use it for his own purposes.

Soon, Rogue gets to Logan, who hurts her with his claws. Touching him, the girl heals and attacks. At this time, the Mystic, in the form of schoolmate Rogue, persuades the girl to leave, so as not to frighten the other mutants and not to anger Dr. Xavier. Rogue leaves, but Wolverine catches her up on the train and tells him to come back. During the conversation, they will be attacked by Magneto, who, with a strong blow, causes Logan to lose consciousness. How does the intense plot of the movie "X-Men" continue? Rogue and Magneto go to the city to the Statue of Liberty, where he gives her his strength to make the leaders of all states mutants at the cost of her life. Then Wolverine and Cyclops appear, which destroy the car Magneto. Logan tries to bring Rogue to life, but she no longer shows signs of life. Wolverine share her with her regenerative abilities and this leads the girl to feelings. Logan himself for some time loses his strength. They travel together to the Institute of Dr. Xavier.


In the animated series Rogue ("X-Men") plays one of the key roles. Here it has not only the gift to take away the abilities and memory of beings, but also the ability to fly and enormous physical strength. In the animated series "X-Men" Gambit and Rogue are in love with each other. One of the series reveals the veil over the life of Rogue before it became part of the X-Men.

In the animated series "X-Men: Evolution" Rogue appears before us in the form of an uncertain and notorious teenager. She has a tender affection for Cyclops, which quickly passes after he begins to meet with the popular and hateful Rogue John Gray.

In the cartoon "Wolverine and the X-Men" Rogue is slightly uncontrollable. After a skirmish with Logan, she goes to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but after a while the audience will find out that all this time the girl was a double agent.

In "Marvel Anime: X-Men" Rogue appears in only a few episodes. She still owns the power of Miss Marvel. In the cartoon "Spider-Man" Rogue flashes in just a few series. She is depicted with the same abilities and is friends with old comrades.

The character of Anna Pakuin Rogue is very popular. A bright and independent girl has won many admirers around the world. If you are not yet familiar with the world of Marvel, then it's time to get to know him!

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