Kaolin Career. History, rest on a career

The Kaolin Quarry got its name from the rock that it mined. This is a kind of white clay with an admixture of grains of quartz, mica and feldspar. The deposits of this rock are not rare, and one of them is the kaolinic Kyshtym quarry. There are different names for this career: Azure, Lasky, but more often it is called Bali.

Earlier in his career, white clay was mined, which consisted of kaolin. At present, production is stopped, the deposit is abandoned. When walking along its shores, one should be especially careful, as steep slopes often come across. But they are not everywhere, and if you get around them, you can get to a kind of "beach".

The depth of the quarry reaches about seven meters. From many other quarries it differs in that there is no fish in it at all. This is due to the high concentration of clay and minerals that make water unsuitable for fauna.

Career history

The kaolin quarry was dug in 1945 for clay mining, and in industry it is used to produce phosphorus, earthenware and porcelain. This deposit in Russia is considered the richest. Initially, the enterprise that was in the quarry simply pumped water out of it. Once about an unusual blue career, they simply wrote on the Internet as a picturesque place. And immediately on its banks rushed a lot of tourists.

The owners of the quarry in 2012 were going to drain it and continue working on the field, but while the local "Bali" is still open for visits. The obstacles that were put up at the quarry, eager to see an exotic place, were overcome with enviable tenacity, and as a result, the quarry remained open to the public.

Why in the career of blue water

The water in this picturesque turquoise quarry. It is because of its color that this place was nicknamed Ural Bali. This unusual color in the quarry gives the chalk lime that it contains, and white clay, which is very similar to the white sand of tropical countries.

Despite the fact that many people visit the kaolin quarry, the banks near the water are very clean, and there is practically no debris. It happens that you can meet the left brazier or abandoned tires, but this is more likely an exception than the rule. Thanks to clear blue water, this place is ideal for romance. Because towards evening the shade of water acquires some mystery, and brings a romantic mood.

How to get to the quarry

The quarry itself is located not far from Chelyabinsk, about 100 km away, in Kyshtym. Many people are interested in the question: "Kaolin Career - how to get there?"

You can get to it by car, although a kilometer away from it there is a small obstacle in the form of a mound of sand. You can bend it, or go straight through it, since it is already almost unrolled. A few kilometers of dirt road, which should be overcome, will appear the quarry itself.

The road from Ekaterinburg

If you want to get to the quarry from Ekaterinburg, then you need to go to the M5. After passing Tyubuk, you need to turn to the Caspian, to the right. After that, go straight for Kashtym. Behind him is a road that connects the village of Kaolinovy with Kashtym. This is immediately after the railway crossing. After this, turn left, leaving on a wide dirt road. Pass it on can be no problem on any car, as it has long been rolled out by a multitude of trucks. If there are large puddles, they can be easily rounded, since traffic on the road is not very lively.

Do you believe in navigators?

Many now use navigators, and if you try to get there with it, then it can offer to turn left, where there will be a country road, but this should not be done, as it rests on difficult terrain. It's easier and more convenient to get to the clay quarry, which still works. The kaolin quarry "Bali" will be just to its left.

Here you can already get to choose - on foot, or overcoming small obstacles on your own car. The most convenient way is to just leave your car at a working quarry, this will shorten the time.

Kaolin quarry, can I swim in it?

There are two opinions about bathing in his water. It has a beautiful color, beckons and fascinates, it is said that, thanks to the silicon that is contained in it, it has acquired not only healing properties, but also has a hemostatic effect and even has bactericidal properties. There is even an opinion that this water is able to cure any inflammation.

Only this opinion is erroneous. Studies have shown that white clay, which is in the quarry, does not possess the properties attributed to it, but there are many dangerous elements to be found there. This is because of the landfill, which is located slightly above this quarry, and from there into the blue surface there are discharged sewage. Since water is not purified here, many chemical compounds simply accumulate in it for years. Therefore, swimming here is not only undesirable, but also very dangerous. In general, the kaolin quarry in the Chelyabinsk region is more suitable for romantic visits and survey of the surroundings.

Danger lies in wait and because of the clay bottom, which can even suck a leg and thereby create a danger to life. But, nevertheless, the local people still bathe in these waters, and in the hot time of tourists on the shore a lot.

But you can rest on a career, and not swimming. Many simply put up tents and stay overnight at kebabs. In addition, there are often photoshoots, as the place is quite picturesque.

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