Waterfalls? Gelendzhik gladly acquaints you with these beautiful wonders of nature

Do you like waterfalls? Gelendzhik (and about this, by the way, not everyone knows) is rich in these amazing natural phenomena. All of them - both large and modest enough - invariably cause admiration of tourists.

To see the falling water streams (although the waterfalls are not very large here), as a rule, all visitors come to these fertile places. Recreation bases in Gelendzhik are very popular both among young people, and among numerous romantics from all over the world. The trip to the waterfalls usually takes the whole day. But worry about the time spent just do not have to, because it is proved that such impressions for a long time are stored in memory.

Section 1. Waterfalls. Gelendzhik. General description of the routes

This small resort town gives tourists an opportunity to get acquainted with the most interesting places. Many travelers agree that the Gelendzhik settlement is not quite ordinary . The excursion to the waterfalls, by the way, often enters into some other trip. Why? Well, judge for yourself, there are many picturesque places, and to get acquainted with the edge closer, you still have to combine trips, combining mountains, local monuments of nature, architectural masterpieces and, of course, waterfalls.

What to choose first? You can go on an excursion to the dolmens, which by age are the same age as the Egyptian pyramids. Attitude to such monuments is characterized not only by interest. Many tourists experience a special, joyful feeling here. Today, interest in these attractions is very high. To touch the ancient structures, to feel the special atmosphere is very valuable in our time!

Both locals and tourists seek to the valley of the river Jane. This place is one of the most favorite for recreation. Millions of years ago there was the Tethys Sea here. Today on the bottom of Zhana you can find petrified remains of marine animals.

In Gelendzhik excellent conditions and for extreme rest - there are specially designed for this route.

Section 2. Waterfalls. Gelendzhik. Legends and beliefs

Locals keep many legends about their sights. It is said that at the end of the Pshad waterfalls a virgin appears who beckons people to him, and when they approach the edge of the rocks from which the water suddenly falls, he pushes them down. According to legend, this mysterious stranger kills men, because once she lost her lover.

At the top of Mount Gebeus you can see waterfalls, which, merging, form the river Teshebes. It is believed that they arose at a time when a wealthy nobleman was trying to catch up with his daughters who decided to leave with their beloved without the permission of his father. He met on his way suddenly arose forest, river and stone wall - so the girls asked for help and protection from the ground. Grandee lost his daughters forever. When he realized this, he cried and turned into stone. According to legend, in this place a waterfall was formed. They call him "Men's Tears." Agree, a tragic, but at the same time very romantic story!

Section 3. Waterfalls. Gelendzhik. Uniqueness of the area

The most popular waterfalls on the river are Jane: Pshad, Plesetsk and Gebeuskie. The valley is different in fairy-tale beauty. If you go up it from the village of Vozrozhdenie, then you can find yourself in an amazing place with cascades of waterfalls. For tourists, there are cafes and souvenir stalls.

The waterfalls of Gelendzhik on the map are seen splendidly. Therefore, they can be reached by themselves, and not only as part of the excursion group.

At Plesetskaya cracks on the river Thab there are Plesetsk waterfalls. There are more than 70 of them here. The highest of them - Yellow, Tall, Wide and Tie - reach a height of more than 10 m.

The abundance of waterfalls is famous for the river Pshada and its tributary the Red River - there are more than a hundred of them. Most of them are small in height - up to 5 meters, the highest (9 m) - the waterfall of Olyapki.

The terrain here is very picturesque, the air is beautiful, and the rest, of course, is wonderful! That is why there is no shortage of tourists even in the off-season.

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