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Why the left eye twitches: the most probable causes

Surely every one of you ever wondered about why the left eye twitches. It should be specially noted that this phenomenon can begin at any time and under any circumstances. Of course, this temporary deviation is not so painful to urgently treat it medically. However, such a symptom may indicate the occurrence of a disease, which already causes considerable discomfort. So, let's figure out why the left eye twitches and how to get rid of this pathology.

Nervous tick

This diagnosis is put almost every second person who has this unpleasant abnormality. And this is not surprising. After all, modern life forces you to be constantly nervous. Of course, not everyone has an emotional shake causing a twitch of the eye. But the psyche is a rather delicate matter. Someone will suffice and minute stress, that in an organism there was a failure, and someone can stand firm and long enough nervous exertion.

Facial hemispasm

The answer to the question of why the left eye is twitching may well serve the aforementioned disease of the facial nerve. As is known, it is precisely for this deviation that involuntary jerking of the muscular tissues is characteristic only on one side of the face. It is worth noting that such cramps manifest themselves regardless of external causes, but almost never disturb the patient during sleep. According to experts, such muscle spasms can be provoked by physical overwork, eating, ordinary conversation or nervous shock.

If you can not understand why the left eye twitches, and with it the ear buzzes and other muscles of the face are involved, then most likely the facial hemispasm progresses and you need urgent help from specialists.


For such a deviation is characterized by involuntary oscillation of the eyeball, whose movements have a fairly high speed, as well as a certain rhythm. These symptoms refer to the physiological, that is, normal nystagmus. But in medical practice, there is also a pathological deviation. The reasons for his appearance are:

  • Acquired or congenital weakness of vision;
  • Defeat of any areas of the brain;
  • Poisoning with drugs or drugs.

Thus, the answer to the question of why the eyelid twitches in the left eye, as well as the involuntary oscillation of the eyeball, can serve exactly the deviation presented. To facilitate the patient's condition, he is prescribed special medicines and vitamins.

The left eye twitches: treatment of a nervous tic

To get rid of yourself, without recourse to specialists, you can only from a nervous tic. For this it is recommended:

  • Eliminate a stressful situation or take it more calmly;
  • More rest in the open air, as well as sleep;
  • Drink a course of vitamins or eat more fruits and berries;
  • Regularly do gymnastics for the eyes.

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