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How to get out of the Play Store on Android?

Play Market is an online store for downloading free and paid applications, games and much more for your smartphone based on the Android system. To enable you to download, you need to authorize with the account in "Google", with which you wish to synchronize the smartphone. Some users sometimes require a change of account, and then there is a logical question, how to exit the "Play Store" on Android. There are several simple ways.

Method number 1

To do this, you must delete the entire account from your smartphone. How to get out of the Play Market in this case? Everything is very simple.

Go to the settings section, find the accounts and click on the profile you want to delete. Here we will show all the data on the account. Click in the upper right corner to the point and select "Delete".

But before you finally make sure that you really want to do this, the system will ask for confirmation, because if you accidentally press it, you can lose all contacts from your smartphone, messages and other data. You can lose them if they were not synchronized, that is, saved in your account.

After that, you can go back to "Google Play", where the system will ask you to enter the data of your existing account or create a new one.

Method number 2

You can reset the phone to the factory settings with which it was originally. How to get out of the "Play Store" in this way? All also go to "Settings", select the appropriate section and click "Reset settings".

But this method is not recommended to use, since all the available information is deleted from the phone - this includes photos, music and so on. In addition, some devices, in view of their poor-quality firmware, may stop working altogether.

Method number 3

There is another way to get out of the Play Store. To do this, you need to open mail, log in to your account and change the password in it. Then an automatic exit from the "Market Play" will be performed, as it will be required to enter a new password.

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