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With the development of various CMS systems and frameworks, there is a big question about what is better to use and for which site, the server will apply this or that kind of site architecture . And often webmasters in the constant search, learning new methods, which is right, the development of technology occurs daily, and good professionals must keep up with innovative ideas. At the moment, there are many different systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, YII framework, Bitrix, etc.

The CMS Drupal system has become very popular now. This system has a number of unlimited possibilities in site building, allowing to use various functions of this system. The main advantage of this system is that it is freely available on the Internet and you can easily download even the latest version from the official website. All functionality of the site can be built with the help of modules, which are also easy to download on the websites of sources. And most importantly there is a huge online community that will help answer any question that arises when you fix any errors on the site and when developing the sites, and also in this community you can find out about all the news and share experiences in creating a site based on this CMS system . Drupal uses WYSIWYG - editors and main interfaces. It was created specifically for web development professionals and for its description the word platform is more appropriate than the CMS system. In fact, Drupal lacks a friendly interface, but it allows you to maintain full control over scripts and is created for complex designs.

And yet, for developers with extensive experience in creating CMS sites, Drupal is the ideal solution with a huge range of capabilities and properties. The most complex properties in the management of content and functionality are realized with the help of Drupal modules.

With a large number of sites using only Drupal CMS, you can find here. You can see the sites on various topics, the spectrum of which stretches from simple websites - business cards that contain few pages to complex, multi-page online stores that use sophisticated functionality, search and manage all of this.

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