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Why does a child moan in a dream?

The newborn comes to this world after a long nine months in a cozy and warm mother's tummy. Therefore, it is difficult for him to immediately adapt to the usual adult rhythm of life. Breastbirds not only do not know how to distinguish between day and night, but even often they are confused. To establish a normal regime, the kids need time and, of course, the help of loving parents.

But even in this case, not always mothers are calm, because some babies do not wake up during the night, and others constantly spin; Some sleep very quietly, while others moan. So why the child moans in a dream and is it harmful for him, let's try to figure it out.

Watching, admiring

At the very beginning of their life, the mothers almost sleep outside their mothers. They wake up only for that (besides several times a night) to have a bite. It is known that one of the most important components of a baby's life is a healthy sleep. It is at this time that they grow and gain strength for a rather complex event for them - the knowledge of the world around them.

Almost all mothers are faced with the fact that their newborn child moans in a dream, that the crumbs have a restless sleep. It's interesting to watch how the baby sleeps - it's a very touching sight. Every smile, every grimace causes a feeling of pride and admiration for your child. Moreover, the face of a sleeping baby reflects a whole range of feelings. But if he shudders in a dream, screams, cries or groans, parents immediately begin to worry and think about what is wrong with the child, and it must be urgently treated.

The stages of a child's sleep

Before starting to understand why a child moans in a dream, it is necessary to find out what stages of this process exist. Among them are the following:

1. Calm deep sleep of the baby. The crumb sleeps, clutching the jaws, there are no visible movements, but his muscles are in a tonus. This phase of sleep involves the production of growth hormone.

2. Active paradoxical sleep of the baby. Mom, watching his child, can see that he looks nervous, on his face - a smile or grimace, eyes under the eyelids move, legs and hands of the carapius perform small movements, in breathing there are some pauses (about a quarter of a minute). When mom looks at her child, she may think that he is about to wake up and cry or cry out.

3. The nap of a newborn baby. The kid is half asleep. During this period it is better not to talk to him or take him in his arms, because he can be awakened.

4. Calm awakening of the baby. The karapuz is very calm, moves very little, looks very closely at everything around him. If my mother asks something or just comes to talk, she can answer her with a smile.

5. Active awakening of the baby. He is very tense and indignant, sharply moves the handles and legs. It seems that he is about to wake up. Sleeping in a crumb is very hectic.

6. Excited awakening of the baby. Krosha loudly cries, groans. Mom does not manage to calm him for a long time. Usually this phase can be observed only in the first few weeks after birth, and after two months of the baby's life these manifestations disappear.

Parents are better not to interfere in the sleep cycles of their young. Do not confuse the state of the waking baby with an active paradoxical sleep, when the child smiles, snorts in a dream, opens his eyes. Do not take it in your arms, because then it will be difficult again to put the baby to sleep. It is better to follow his behavior: maybe a crumb after some time will clearly show his desires.

Colic in the baby

But do not immediately do not backed up by anything conclusions. It is better to calmly understand what these unpleasant changes are connected with.

And indeed, there are so many reasons and problems that can affect the sleep of a baby, so even if he occasionally moans, this does not mean that he was unwell.

As a rule, such groans are in no way connected with the fact that the baby's nervous system is broken. Most likely, it's all about the dreams of the little girl. If parents, even wise with life experience, are sure that little children do not dream, they are mistaken. In fact, crumbs also dream.

So the child groans in a dream. Causes Can be different. One of them can be called colic. But as soon as the youngster is able to release the gazik, he immediately falls asleep. And my mother stops worrying.

Teeth are cut

To a child a month, moaning in a dream He (especially if it's a boy) quite often. At this age, this happens in many youngsters. Calm down, the baby can after a gentle massage of the tummy clockwise or when the mother gives him a little dill vodichki.

It happens that the night rest breaks and during teething. A small child in a dream groans and moans Very plaintively. And the dream itself during this period becomes short-lived and restless. To alleviate the condition of the crumb slightly, the mother can use painkillers, which are released in the form of ointments or gels. Care should be taken to gently treat the baby's gums and he can rest.

Getting used to the outside world

If a child moans in a dream quite rarely, then the parents have no cause for concern. Because these sounds can be solely the reaction of the body to the fact that the child adapts to his new life already outside the mummy's tummy.

Children, as well as adults, have two main stages of night rest: deep and shallow. In infants the second prevails, but the transition from the first to the still weak organism of crumbs can occur accompanied by various sounds.

Visiting relatives or friends

The year has already come true to the child. He moans in a dream from time to time. Why is this happening? It would seem that the period of newborn has already passed, and the little one is used to the surrounding environment. But during this period of his life a groan during a night's sleep can be an ordinary reaction of the body of a youngster to those events that he experienced during the day. For example, if relatives came to visit relatives by a big company or friends of their parents. All this can just overwork the child.

"Uzhastiki" and other causes of restless sleep

It can also happen that the baby saw a terrible dream. For him it's akin to how if impressionable adults looked before going to bed a very scary film.

Another reason - the climatic conditions in the bedroom of the baby (it is too cold or stuffy, too dry or moist air, unpleasant smell).

And yet most often pediatricians tend to attribute groans during sleep of the baby to normal, normal physiological processes in the active phase of sleep of the youngster.

Early independence and home furnishings

If the parents decided that it's time to teach the baby to sleep in their crib, the main reason for his crying or groaning (at the psychological level) is the absence of a mother nearby. Crumbs are intuitively able to feel the absence of a native person nearby, and their tears (and then a groan) will call mom or dad to her.

There is another psychological reason, because of which the child moans in a dream. 3 years - the age when, it would seem, the baby is already "adult", but he still reacts to the situation in the family. Any shouts, quarrels or, worse still, broken plates and fights - all this does not have the best effect on the emotional state of the baby.

Often, in order to understand the cause of a restless sleep of a child, you just have to watch him for a while. Eliminating this source of the problem, parents will give their child a healthy and strong sleep.

Groans of grown crumbs

So, to the child year. The baby is still moaning in a dream. Parents start to worry again. Again, this is not always the reason for such intense anxiety.

A child (1 year old) groans in a dream, not necessarily because of something that hurts or is concerned with something. He grows up, gradually learns something new, new reflexes appear and are fixed in him.

In children of this age, the urinary reflex is gradually produced, but at night it is not completely controlled. In the toilet you want, the sphincter is ready, and the baby, being in the process of sleep, while he can not figure out what's what.

Therefore, this situation arises: a child (2 years) moans in a dream. He does not have anything to hurt, he just reacts to what is happening in his body. In addition, 2 years - this is the age when the teeth are still climbing. This, too, can be one of the causes of nocturnal groans of babies, and this occurs during the growth of the last teeth (even the gum is not even swollen, and the carapace has already begun to moan). In this case, with the "birth" of the last for this age of the tooth all the moans cease.

And one more important point about which parents should not forget: cartoons. Usually by the age of two, the kids are already quite consciously starting to watch different cartoons. Adults should keep track of what is happening on the screen, because many modern cartoon stories can excite the child's psyche. And at night, as a rule, these impressions (often not very positive for the baby) flow into groans and weeping.

And at this age you can bathe the children in the evenings before going to bed in the weak broths of lavender and string. You can put it next to the bed on which the baby sleeps, a small pillow in which these soothing grasses are sewn.

We are trying for our children

All parents experience when their child moans in a dream. To the night rest of the baby was more calm, we must not forget that gradually it is necessary to accustom the crumb to the regime. To begin this process it is necessary from feeding - it is more correct to give food by the hour, rather than on demand. Little children quickly get used to the regime offered by the parents, and then it will be much easier for them to get used to the fact that the day is divided into day and night.

Do not accustom the baby to prolonged motion sickness before going to bed (especially at night). Even if he has a very comfortable modern cot-rocking chair, the crumb will quickly get used to rocking, and without this he will not be able to sleep properly. And it is best to teach the child to his own bed from birth. So he will have much more personal space, and the careless actions of adults will not prevent him.

If you go in the evening with a baby for a walk, his night's sleep will be much stronger and calmer. In addition, after the exercise, the children awake appetite, and well fed and tired, they quickly fall asleep. If there is no possibility to go out with the baby, you can put the wheelchair on the balcony, only dressing in the weather before that.

Correct actions of parents

If it so happens that the young mom and dad are faced with the fact that their child is moaning in a dream, they need to find the cause of such a state of crumbs as soon as possible while they are resting at night.

The pediatrician after examining the baby should explain to the parents why the child's behavior undergoes these changes. If you remember that the baby's groans can be directly related to nervous disorders, then a visit to the neurologist will be the correct way out.

How to establish a sleep for a youngster? Recommendations for parents

To ensure a sound and healthy sleep of young children, parents (in most cases) it is sufficient to eliminate all possible causes as follows:

1. Before you put the crumb to sleep, give it a rest, try to occupy it with a quieter game than in the day.

2. That room, in which it is supposed to put the crumb to sleep, should be well ventilated.

3. In order for a babe to have a sense of security, one must sing to him a lullaby or read a fairy tale.

In addition, we should not forget about another "secret weapon", such as the closeness of the native person for every baby - mother. Her love and care is quite capable of protecting the crumb from all anxiety in her sleep.

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