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How to feed a child in a year: make a menu

A grown-up kid needs not only mother's milk or an adapted mixture replacing it. When after birth will take 4-6 months, parents together with the pediatrician make a menu for the child. 1 year is the age when the needs of crumbs can not yet be satisfied with "adult" food. After breakfast, lunch and dinner, he needs dairy products. How to feed a child a year: a mixture, breast milk or sour milk products - everyone decides for himself. It is important to consider the type of immunity of crumbs. If a child is prone to food allergies, give him cow's milk better after a year, or even one and a half.

Sour-milk products cause allergic reactions less often. For example, the agusha sour-milk (adapted mixture) has several steps corresponding to the half-year and older age. Many children love its tender sweet and sour taste.

If you decide to stop breastfeeding shortly or immediately after a year, it is important to meet the child's need for dairy products not only during the day, but also at night. In the evening, before going to bed, in the last feeding you can give the baby baby kefir. If it is showered at night, along with water, offer him milk.

The menu for a child of 1 year should include an early breakfast (7 am) - a dairy product of about 200 grams. A mixture, milk, kefir is what the kid likes and nourishes his powers immediately after awakening.

Breakfast can be served at 10 am, it can be cereals - both dairy, and dairy-free, curd or fruit. As a supplement to the first meal, it is good to use baby cookies. The total volume is about 200 g. For example, 150 grams of porridge, a piece of banana and fruit juice.

After breakfast, many babies sleep, so "feed" the child between meals is optional.

Lunch of one-year-old crumbs consists of a garnish (ready mashed potatoes or boiled vegetables boiled in a blender) and meat. With the current variety of baby food, there is no question what to feed the child. In the year most children already eat cabbage broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots and pumpkin. Individual parents introduce to children at this age with spinach, onions and cabbage. Cucumbers and radish can be given fresh, they rarely cause allergies.

Meat in the amount of about 50 g can be purchased in the form of children's canned food, but it is better to boil fresh and grind. For these purposes, a food processor or an ordinary knife, the main thing is that the contents of the children's plate should be somehow structured. A completely homogeneous product does not contribute to the development of chewing skills, and a one-year-old baby already has several teeth. Well, if a child is familiar with several kinds of meat a year: turkey, beef, rabbit, horse meat and chicken - they are all delicious and useful in their own way.

Asking a question, than to feed the child in a year, do not forget about a fish. The source of vital fatty acids and elements, the fish is also very tasty. To feed children per year, give preference to any fish species, except red. The river is better than the sea: it accumulates less harmful substances.

Snack is a meal, the purpose of which is to support the child's strength in the interval between lunch and dinner. If the baby does not sleep, offer him fruit mashed potatoes or biscuits. The latter can be diluted with milk or a mixture, it will turn out to be something like a muffin with a delicious taste. For a snack, it's good to give the baby prunes, apple sauce or fresh fruit. Apple and banana babe is able to eat himself, but if he does not want, grind them with a spoon. If the summer is in the yard, pamper the crumb with berries and fruits of a new crop. Peaches, apricots and sweet cherries let's try small portions to make sure that there are no allergic manifestations.

What to feed a child in a year in the evening? A full dinner of two dishes is offered from year and three months, while in the evening (about 18.00), feed the baby liquid porridge. A good option for a one-year-old child's dinner is a well. It is a mushy soluble product, very nutritious and useful.

Care should be taken to such a product as cottage cheese. Children's curd is included in the daily menu in the amount of 25-40 g. More volume will damage the digestive system. Egg (quail or chicken) is given 2-3 times a week, usually only yolk. In addition, children drink juice with pleasure. Children's juice in the package Tetra Pak is diluted to the desired concentration, the daily rate of about 100 g. If there is a desire and the ability to prepare freshly squeezed juices (fruit or vegetable), make sure that the product is diluted with water before use.

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